Sonic CD File Too Large for Nintendo Wiiware

It was only recently that SEGA announced they would be remaking Sonic CD for XBLA, PSN, PC and various mobile platforms. But notice one significant absence on that list? The Wiiware version.

Considering how much SEGA pushes Sonic on the Nintendo platform (i.e Mario and Sonic at various Olympic games events) it may seem rather odd that the Sonic CD remake will be skipping Nintendo’s flagship consoles. Unfortunately, the reason for this lies within Wiiware’s file size limits.

Wiiware games can only have a maximum file size of 40mb. The Sonic CD remake is more than 80mb in size. Unless SEGA does some serious compression to lower the file size, Sonic CD probably won’t see a release on the Wii. Though if SEGA does decide to compress the game, the title could still suffer – considering the other versions of the game will be uncompressed.

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat also shared similar concerns regarding the Wiiware file size limits, stating it was that reason why they cancelled the Wii version of Super Meat Boy.

Sonic CD Gameplay

If this is an indication of anything it’s that Nintendo needs to get its act together regarding online services for the Wii U. The file size limit for the Wii U needs to either be removed – or, obviously, dramatically increased. The 40mb file size is of course due to the Wii lacking any real support for a hard drive option – unlike its HD counterparts. No doubt Nintendo will have to remedy this problem, so designers can develop Wii U downloadable titles without feeling constrained by file size limits.

PSN, XBLA and various PC services are all great places for downloadable titles to flourish. With Sony investing 20 million dollars to help indie develpers on PSN, as well as Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade, not to mention Steam’s regular sale content, developers have plenty of outlets and methods for advertising their games.

Will you be picking up Sonic CD when it launches?

Sonic CD currently has no announced release date, but it will launch on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (via Steam) – with Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions coming later down the line.

Source: Destructoid