A Steam Workshop user creates a ‘Wuss Mode’ mode for SOMA, which allows players to play through the game’s narrative without worrying about monster attacks.

SOMA is the psychological thriller from Frictional Games which forces players to question what it means to be a human, and puts them through a struggle at the bottom of the Ocean to save what is essentially humanity’s last chance of survival. SOMA is a fantastic horror experience (read our review here), and although the title may not have gained attention en-masse as the studio’s previous game Amnesia: The Dark Descent did, it still provides hours of excellent narrative, difficult moral choices, and a satisfying ending.

Unfortunately, not all gamers were keen on exploring the depths of the ocean with horrifying monsters chasing them, so not everyone made it that far. A Steam Workshop user has now created a self-entitled ‘Wuss Mode’ mod for SOMA, which forces the monsters roaming the halls of PATHOS-2 to become non-violent. This allows gamers to go through the game and enjoy the puzzles and narrative, without the worry of being horrifically murdered by one of SOMA’s many mobile horror machines.

When the modification is activated, the monsters overtaken by WAU no longer charge at the player, but merely limp along behind the player as if they are confused by the main character’s presence. It creates a completely different atmosphere for the game, and eliminates the main scare factor that sometimes felt out of place in a game otherwise centered around an intriguing plot and various logic puzzles.

See the mod in action (or really, without action) here:

Truthfully, the monster chase gameplay moments felt like a low point in the game, as the repetitive gameplay those moments brought ended up detracting from a really interesting story, and seemed to exist solely out of a greater expectation of potential jump scares. Each monster hide and seek scenario featured a door or button which must be pressed, which players would then activate and then be forced to quickly hide as the monster runs at the noise. While it fun early game, by the late game stage it became more of a “Oh, this again?” situation.

Despite that, SOMA ended up being a great game and even made our Best Horror Games of 2015 list, and is absolutely worth checking out. It’s the type of game that will leave gamers pondering philosophical questions at the end, and provides plenty of interesting talking points along the way there.

Gamers interesting in downloading the Wuss Mode mod from the Steam Workshop can find it here.

SOMA is currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun