It wasn’t long ago that we posted our very own list of 25 characters that need to appear in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and prominently featured on the list were Solid Snake, Cole MacGrath, and Nathan Drake. These were three characters that we felt absolutely needed to be in the game and now, thanks to the excitement of the game’s voice talent, evidence has come forth suggestion that all three of the characters will be making an appearance in the PS3-exclusive Smash Bros. lookalike.

Eric Ladin, the actor who plays InFamous‘ protagonist Cole MacGrath, posted yet another revealing status update on Twitter today, stating that he was glad to be a part of PlayStation All-Stars alongside the likes of Nolan North and David Hayter. Gamers may recognize these actors as the voices of Nathan Drake and Solid Snake, respectively. Given the ties these characters have to the PlayStation brand, and the fact that their voice actors are apparently involved with the title, these mascots are now all but confirmed.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Roster

It’s entirely possible that the actors will be involved in another way with the game, but any gamer worth their salt can deduce that these much-requested icons are now almost guaranteed. Drake was always a shoo-in to appear in Battle Royale, but it’s nice to see that the third-party character synonymous with PlayStation, Solid Snake, will be getting his due.

If Snake appears, we can only imagine how comparisons to Smash Bros. and All-Stars will begin to escalate, but it’s a safe bet that the team at SuperBot Entertainment will know how to implement the character without using any of the moves from his appearance in Brawl. Of course, Sony may leave out Solid Snake in favor of using a youthful version of Big Boss; a character that looks and sounds identical to Solid Snake… but with an eyepatch.

Do Solid Snake, Nathan Drake, and Cole MacGrath all sound like solid additions to the PlayStation All-Stars roster? Which will you play as first?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is coming to the PlayStation 3 later this year.

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Source: Eric Ladin