'SOCOM 4' Trailer Showcases Advantages of Sharpshooter Peripheral

SOCOM 4 Sharpshooter Walkthrough Video

Though Zipper Interactive may be focusing on the multiplayer aspect of SOCOM 4 as of late, they haven’t forgotten about one of the major selling points for the game: Move control. In a new trailer, focused on the implementation of the sharpshooter peripheral, players get to see how playing SOCOM 4 using Move with be a very immersive experience.

Developed for the more hardcore shooters, the sharpshooter peripheral is a customizable attachment that utilizes the Move controller and various other flourishes to give players every game option right at their fingertips.

Some of the major highlights of the sharpshooter, when used with SOCOM 4, include the ability to toss grenades, melee kill, and switch fire rate all with one simple action. Being able to execute these moves in a much simpler fashion gives single and multiplayer gamers a strategic advantage over their competition.

Particularly impressive is the way in which the sharpshooter allows players to toss grenades. In SOCOM 4, assuming the controller function carries over from the multiplayer beta, if a player wants to toss a grenade they actually have to complete a two-button press that is oftentimes not the most precise. By using the sharpshooter peripheral, players will be able to toss grenades easily and more accurately, using the Move’s line of sight.

For a complete walkthrough of the sharpshooter peripheral's functions see the video below:


As one of the first hardcore titles to offer Move support, SOCOM 4 has a lot of weight on its shoulders. On top of that, it is Zipper Interactive’s return to the cult favorite franchise that started back on the PS2. Needless to say, there is a lot riding on this title.

If our experience with the beta is any indication, there were will be plenty of fun had by every type of gamer even without Move support factored in. Of course, the sharpshooter peripheral, as awesome and advantageous as it might be, is still an additional item to buy in preparation for your gaming experience, and thus, might not be for everyone. It really is about exciting options with SOCOM 4, however, and the sharpshooter peripheral is just one of them.

Will you be picking up the sharpshooter peripheral for use with SOCOM 4? Is there anybody who owns the peripheral that wants to comment on its functionality?

SOCOM 4 releases April 19, 2011 for the PS3.


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