'SOCOM 4' Trailer Wants Players to Dance the Night Away

SOCOM 4 Dance Moves Trailer

When it comes to a competitive multiplayer title, nothing beats rubbing victory in your opponents’ face, particularly through the art of dance. In a just released trailer for SOCOM 4, Zipper Interactive shows that players will have a variety of dance moves at their disposal with which to humiliate their fallen opponents.

Among the moves shown off in the trailer (we are hoping there are more to come) are the robot, the chicken, and the crane — dance moves straight out of popular culture. To execute these elegant insults in a SOCOM 4 multiplayer match, players needn’t do anything more than press ‘circle’ above the corpse of an opponent. Get your friends together or dance solo, but make sure you bask in the glory of victory.

With Move support being added to SOCOM 4, but not being used as the main marketing focus after a delay into 2011, one can only hope that the very gesture-based peripheral will be utilized in connection with these dance moves.

Prepare to shake your groove thang, here comes the trailer:

Those who are looking at this trailer for SOCOM 4 and wondering why the title is taking a stark left turn away from realism town clearly are not familiar with the series. Though the title has a very tactical and team-based focus, it also is not afraid to throw in a little bit of light humor to remind players that it’s just a video game.

Fans of the classic SOCOM titles — those developed by Zipper — will instantly recognize the victory dance and use it as confirmation that SOCOM 4 will signal the return of the series to its roots. Gamers will be able to see just how true the title is being to its roots when the multiplayer beta kicks off starting March 22nd for PlayStation Plus users, March 29th for Killzone 3 owners, and April 5th for any PSN user.

Which dance move are you going to execute on a dead opponent’s body first? Do you think that these dance moves detract from the other pieces of SOCOM 4 that have previously been shown?

SOCOM 4 releases April 13, 2011, for the PlayStation 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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