Snoop Dogg Fakes Gameplay on Livestream

Snoop Dogg faked gameplay of SOS while on-stream.

SOS - an upcoming multiplayer survival game - managed to get some significant star power behind it when Snoop Dogg live-streamed the game yesterday on Twitch. One slip-up later, though, and it became clear that Snoop wasn’t the one playing the game, even though he was pretending to.

SOS takes the popular battle royale genre and strips the player count down to a mere 16 combatants, while adding in an objective: escape La Cuna Island. Not only is it enough to be the last one standing; you need to find a relic, call for extraction, and board a rescue chopper before you’re eviscerated by the island’s wildlife, other players, or both.

With the popularity of these sorts of games, combined with SOS’s “Order of the Relic” program (a “club” for content creators that allows them to get extra content and revenue), it makes sense that lots of people would be trying to jump on-board. However, Snoop Dogg opted to forgo playing the game himself in favor of streaming someone else’s gameplay, all while commentating and acting as though he was the one in control. Only once he paused to light a smoke (while his character kept running along) did it become clear that he wasn’t providing any input.

Snoop Dogg Fakes Gameplay on Livestream - SOS game box art

To Snoop’s credit, he later confirmed on-stream that he wasn’t the one playing, commenting, “This s*** is fun! I wish I really knew how to do all that s*** you[‘re] doing for me there,” while turning to the person who was presumably playing. Many fans on Reddit were still annoyed, though, calling Snoop’s actions “a bit scummy” and “disingenuous”, likely because he was actively promoting a new game during the stream.

This isn’t the first time that fake gameplay has shown up on Twitch. In a notable twist on this incident, a streamer recently broadcasted themselves “playing” the game UFC 3 - which turned out to be a pay-per-view UFC fight. Whether Twitch will crack down on this sort of thing remains to be seen, but chances are it will continue to fall on the shoulders of content creators to disclose what they’re playing, why they’re playing it, and if they’re the ones actually playing.

SOS is available now in early access on PC.

Source: Reddit

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