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snipperclips review

The thrill of local multiplayer is an experience that's not nearly as common as it was during the initial emergence of video games, with online quickly pushing the medium to new heights in recent years. Still, the appeal of sitting down with a friend or loved one and experiencing a game together and in the same room can be a blast, and that style of play has translated incredibly well to the house of Mario's newest platform, the Nintendo Switch, and its multiplayer-focused Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! game.

What makes this game immediately standout is that it actually stars animated pieces of paper (which can accommodate up to four players). For those taking part in the two to four-player sections of Snipperclips, the cutesy aesthetic of this software from Nintendo and SFB Games is sure to be enough to win over some fans right off the bat. Those that aren't taken aback by its unique look, however, will find the shape-altering, puzzle-solving purpose of the characters a much more engaging endeavor. The end result of this is a brilliant blend of frustration and fun, although it ultimately wraps up too soon.

For those that don't already know, the main point of the game is to slice and dice the paper protagonists into shapes that best help them accomplish various tasks. This can range from filling the outline of a shape on-screen to sharpening a pencil, but as much as they are mundane in their description they are technical, joy-filled undertakings. Shaving down a friend into the pattern of a gear or working in unison to get as much height as possible off of the cutesy head of a sibling's character is just how Snipperclips was meant to be played, and during these moments the experience is at its absolute best.

Nintendo Switch Snipperclips

Every new situation can be tackled in several different ways, which, as a result, feels as if the game continuously presents new challenges. New people joining in on the fun means that new ideas for tackling a problem will come into play, and that's the frenetic beauty of this downloadable title. Ideas can fall flat on their face or pan out flawlessly, and as they do so players will be better equipped with an understanding of how to use the on-screen characters for a medley of different situations.

While the emphasis is very clearly placed on cooperative play, Snipperclips also supports single-player use. In this instance, the user will simply jump back and forth between the characters, and doing so locks the avatars into place upon switching over. Despite lacking the appeal that comes in sharing the experience, there is fun to be had during solo play. It is, admittedly, less fun than what's found with a companion or three, but those flying solo will find 45 challenges that they can tackle on their own.

snipperclips four player screenshots

The only disappointment that comes from Snipperclips is that the puzzles can be completed relatively quickly, which is sure to leave problem-solving aficionados hoping for more. Even after all of the puzzles have been solved, users are free to jump back into them with others to discover new techniques for besting the challenges. The addition of a "Blitz" mode with basketball, air hockey, and fighting mini-games (labeled as Hoops, Hockey, and Dojo, respectively) supports up to four players, and makes for a lot of fun when fans get tired of plowing through some of the more cerebral tasks.

Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! may come to a close too soon, but it makes for a wonderful reprieve for anyone that wants to settle into a different type of game on the Nintendo Switch. Taking its $19.99 USD ($28.19 CAD) price tag into consideration, the finished product is an absolute gem that only helps to highlight one of the major benefits of the platform by allowing for stop-and-drop multiplayer at a moment's notice. Indeed, this downloadable game is well worth the paper.


Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together! is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Game Rant was provided with a digital copy of Snipperclips for this review.

Our Rating:

4 star out of 5 (Excellent)
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