Nintendo has officially unleashed the Kraken. Pre-orders for the SNES Classic have just begun and, surprise, surprise, they’re pretty much already sold out everywhere. Everywhere except ToysRUs, who isn’t bothering to accept pre-orders at all.

The popular toy store announced the news on Twitter, where it said the SNES Classic will be available in its stores on September 29, when the product releases, but there won’t be any pre-orders accepted for that item. That means, people who want to try their luck at buying the console at ToysRUs will have to get there early, and they will likely have some competition.

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Begin

Due to its overwhelming popularity, and a lackluster supply, it’s going to be difficult to snag an SNES Classic if it hasn’t already been pre-ordered. It’s the same situation consumers were put in with the NES Classic, except that had even less supply, believe it or not. To add insult to injury, these are both limited run items. If you don’t get one when they’re released, you basically don’t get one – unless Nintendo gets wise and puts them back on the market. But don’t hold your breath.

There’s always eBay, where there are SNES Classics aplenty, but gougers are going to absolutely screw you on price. The console already costs $80 USD, but some sellers are asking for over double that. This is a retro device that plays games from twenty years ago, mind you. It’s difficult to fathom paying those absurd prices.

So what’s a gamer to do? Maybe count your blessings you don’t live in Quebec, where the console won’t be sold at all. And if you live in Quebec, we’re sorry for your loss. We recommend a browse through our list of great games that aren’t on the SNES Classic, which should hopefully ease the pain by showing that the machine isn’t perfect.

Hopefully, those attempting to buy the console on the day it’s released have better luck than those who are pre-ordering. Good luck in the Thunderdome, consumers!

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