The fact that Nintendo has one of the most desirable tech products currently on the market, the Switch gaming console, is far from a well-kept secret. As consumers attempt to get their hands on the home/portable gaming system, however, the hardware manufacturer is preparing to launch a throwback platform in the form of the Super NES Classic Edition this September.

Part of this preparation has been marketing the system to the masses, and a brand new video showcasing the SNES Classic and some of its newer features in action has now emerged as a result of this endeavor. Much to the delight of gamers that found some of the older games featured on the Super Nintendo to be incredibly challenging, Nintendo has implemented a rewind system (a la Rare Replay) which allows fans to reattempt some of the more difficult portions of the 21 included titles. Meanwhile, those that are keen to backup their save data will be able to do just that at any time through a feature called “Suspend Point”.

Those hoping to see those two major features of the SNES Classic Edition in action can check out the retro-themed trailer below:

As shown in the video, players are also able to select a frame that can sit around the gameplay action on-screen. This appears to be able to compliment the mood of the title quite well, although an official number of how many frames will be made available is still lacking. More important than frames in the eyes of many Nintendo aficionados is the inclusion of never-before-released Star Fox 2, which should act as a major selling point for the nostalgia-inducing platform.

This video appears to be releasing to coincide with the inevitable arrival of SNES Classic preorders which were previously confirmed to arrive in August. Given the demand surrounding the now discontinued NES Classic, consumers will undoubtedly want to reserve its miniature successor as quickly as possible to ensure that they receive one at launch.

The Super NES Classic is set to arrive at retailers on September 29, 2017.

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