Yesterday, Nintendo surprised very few people by announcing the SNES Classic Edition. But although the much-rumored console came as little surprise, eager fans are still desperate to get their hands on it.

Nintendo itself has vowed to produce more units of the SNES Classic Edition than it did of the NES Classic Edition, which seemed to be constantly sold out. However, demand for the console is expected to be ridiculous and even with increased production, it may still be hard to get, especially as it becomes available right at the start of the prime holiday shopping season.

As such, the best advice is to pre-order the SNES Classic this far in advance, ensuring that fans will get their hands on one come this September. Here are several retailers which will have pre-orders:

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Amazon US

The Amazon US pre-order page for the SNES Classic has now gone live. It’s not yet available for purchase but it is allowing people to sign up for notifications. Fans will want to keep the page open.

Amazon UK

Unfortunately the North American version of online retailer Amazon has yet to offer pre-orders for the SNES Classic, but determined fans can look across the pond to pre-order instead. SNES Classic pre-orders have gone live with Amazon UK.

It should be noted that the UK version of the SNES Classic is a little different to the United States version, as it includes a different controller color scheme and the design of the console itself is a little rounded.

Because of that, Amazon UK’s pre-orders have already sold out but it does offer email notifications for stock and it may be people’s best bet as they wait for the Amazon US pre-order page to go live.


Another place offering pre-orders in Europe is UK retailer GAME. Unfortunately this company has also sold out of the NES Classic Edition for now but the retailer does offer “competitive” rates on international shipping and it may be worth keeping an eye out for when it gets more units in stock.

Those in the UK can also pre-order in-store with a £50 deposit. That’s a pretty hefty price given that the console costs almost that much, but GAME has done so to deter scalpers.

EB Games

Even further afield, Australian retailer EB Games is also selling the SNES Classic Edition. Unsurprisingly, this retailer has also sold out, despite limiting units to one per customer. Again, it will still be worth tracking just in case it proves impossible to get the console elsewhere.

snes classic significantly more units

Best Buy

Best Buy has yet to put together its SNES Classic Edition pre-order page but the retailer has at least published a SNES Classic listing, where it allows interested fans to sign up for email notifications. Sign up and keep a close eye on that email inbox for information on when Best Buy pre-orders go live.


GameStop is reportedly taking names and numbers for SNES Classic pre-orders in-store. The retailer’s online listing is not currently available and so those who are especially eager will want to visit their local branch for more details.


Finally, North American fans may also have some luck in buying the console from eBay. Though anyone who buyers from the retailer should be prepared to pay three times as much for the SNES Classic Edition as they would from other retailers.

The console is already being ‘resold’ by those who have successfully pre-ordered and are looking to make big bucks by taking advantage of the stock shortage. Fans are only advised to go this route if they’ve got a lot of spare cash and don’t want to take their chances going through the official routes.

Have SNES Classic Edition pre-order pages gone live at any other retailers? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add them to the list.

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