Amazon has sent out a wave of emails informing SNES Classic pre-order holders that their shipments may be delayed beyond launch. While Amazon doesn’t clarify the purpose of the delay in the emails, it does confirm that all pre-orders will still be delivered, just not necessarily on launch day. To reiterate, Amazon pre-order holders don’t need to panic; SNES Classic orders are not being canceled. However, some orders may now have delayed deliveries beyond the September 29 release date.

“We recently learned that we may miss your delivery promise and apologize for the inconvenience. You will still receive your order of Super NES Classic. We are working hard to ensure you get this item as soon as it is in stock. You can track the status of, or make any changes to, your order under Your Orders on”

The two most likely scenarios are either that Amazon made a mistake and allowed pre-orders to go on much beyond their first allocated supply of SNES Classics, or that Nintendo told Amazon it would receive a certain amount of stock and then changed that number after pre-orders were taken. Amazon’s language implies the change was beyond its power, but the truth will likely remain unclear.

SNES Classic Amazon Pre-Orders Delayed - Console

Outside of the first stock selling out, Amazon’s SNES Classic pre-order issues don’t end here, however. First-hand accounts are also coming in that purchases of multiple SNES Classics are being adjusted to just one. Some are claiming to have purchased as many as 99 consoles in a single order, noting that the number has now been decreased down to one. Amazon’s terms for pre-only allows one console per purchase on pre-orders, so the adjustments are not surprising.

As should be expected these days, the issues with Amazon’s SNES Classic pre-orders don’t end there. While pre-order holders are confirming that multiple purchases in a single order are being reduced to just one, they’re also confirming that multiple orders of a single console are still active. It’s unclear whether Amazon will let these orders stand, as some likely have many, many consoles pre-ordered. But Amazon may not have it in its terms to stop multiple separate orders from the same account.

Hopefully the changes to SNES Classic pre-orders don’t affect anyone’s excitement about the forthcoming consoles. At the very least, everyone who managed to acquire a pre-order is still guaranteed to receive a console and that’s what matters most.

The SNES Classic releases on September 29.

Source: NeoGAF

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