As preorders began to go live for the Super NES Classic Edition the world over, many Canadian residents in Quebec quickly found themselves unable to order the system for themselves. This prompted a great deal of outcry from those residing in the French-speaking Province, and after confirming with a reliable source, Game Rant can confirm that the hotly anticipated throwback console will not be seeing a release in Quebec at all.

We received an internal memo from a reliable source that details specifics about this decision, which explains why Nintendo has opted to forego launching the SNES Classic in the region. According to the document, the titles included on the system feature “English only gameplay content,” which prevents the SNES Classic from going on sale in the Province of Quebec under Provincial law.

SNES Classic Edition eBay policy

As a result of this, Nintendo will not be advertising or promoting the SNES Classic to Quebec residents at all, which makes sense given the fact that the throwback console won’t be arriving there. Still, this confirmation also further indicates that Nintendo will not be making tweaks to the SKU in order to release it in that part of Canada.

Many Canadians that call Quebec home are sure to be disappointed by this revelation, but it’s one that has been faced by a number of publishers in the past. In fact, the original Rock Band game was delayed just before its intended release as a result of these Provincial necessities. Even then, that example was just one game and the SNES Classic features 21 titles in total, which means that having French options for each and every piece of software found within (many of which have been provided by third parties) seems incredibly unlikely.

Still, there’s always a chance that those hoping to secure their own SNES Classic will be able to do so through imports, and there are said to be significantly more units arriving in comparison to the NES Classic¬†which means it should be easier to find. Even then, it’s an additional step for Quebec residents that they are likely wishing they were able to avoid.

The Super NES Classic is set to arrive on September 29, 2017.

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