Yesterday, Nintendo put an end to speculation and officially unveiled the SNES Classic Mini, the follow up to last year’s incredibly successful NES Classic Edition. Already, it seems that the system is set to be a hugely desirable item, as it’s commanding massive markups on the second-hand market.

Pre-orders on the SNES Classic Mini aren’t officially open in the United States, but they have got underway in several other territories. Several major retailers have already sold through their initial allocation — and while many are buying the system for themselves, there are also plenty of scalpers looking to make a quick buck.

It will be several months before buyers get their console, but that hasn’t dissuaded scalpers from seeing how high they can set their prices and still make a sale. As of the time of writing, there were several eBay listing that set “Buy It Now” prices at $240 or more, three times the product’s retail price tag.

snes classic significantly more units

Of course, it’s difficult to blame anyone that managed to snag a pre-order for trying to make some money — these consoles will almost definitely sell, even if they’re somewhat overpriced. The NES Classic Edition was one of the hottest Christmas gifts around last year, and its successor looks set to perform just as well.

Nintendo didn’t make a great deal of NES Classic Edition consoles to begin with, and discontinued the hardware much quicker than many would have expected. If the same strategy is employed when it comes to the SNES Classic Mini, gamers who want to pick one up are going to have some serious competition on their hands.

Few companies can play up nostalgia like Nintendo, and the hype surrounding the SNES Classic Mini is evidence of that. With the Switch still experiencing stock shortages, and fans in a frenzy to pre-order twenty-year-old hardware, Nintendo is certainly enjoying a prosperous year as we reach the midpoint of 2017.

The SNES Classic Mini launches on September 29, 2017.

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