Many suggested that the SNES Classic would be an easily exploitable platform for hackers due to its use of the same hardware as the NES Classic, and this prediction has proved to be correct. A new hack has been discovered that allows players to add more games to Nintendo’s newest mini console, a mere two weeks after the system was released.

The latest build of the fan developed tool called hakchi2 was released just a few days ago to GitHub, and all SNES Classic owners have to do in order to unofficially expand their console’s library of 21 games is to attach their platform to a PC, run the tool, and follow a simple set of instructions. Having said that, this latest build of hakchi2 will only be able convert 75% of available SNES games into ROMs for the mini console according to the tool’s developer, though they did say that an alternative solution for problem games is available by installing RetroArch software onto the platform.

While hacking the SNES Classic in order to add new games is illegal, it isn’t the first time that hackers have found exploits in Nintendo’s new “classic” range of consoles. Back when the Big N first released its NES Classic console, it didn’t take long for hackers to exploit the system in order to do things like adding more games and even playing Sega Genesis games through emulation.


Given how the SNES Classic only has 21 games (with many great titles sadly omitted), it is unsurprising that players and hackers have been on the lookout for ways to expand the console’s library.  In fact, hackers have managed to do more than just add new games to Nintendo’s new console, as some have been able to make pirated SNES cartridges of Star Fox 2, a game which is exclusive to the SNES Classic.

Despite the hakchi2 tool being an unofficial mod, this hack will undoubtedly be a tasty prospect for all those owners looking to expand their mini console’s library of games. As for those who have yet to get their hands on a system, they will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer because the SNES Classic is still in short supply everywhere.

The SNES Classic Edition is out now.

Source: GitHub

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