The SNES Classic Edition may just have been confirmed by an unlikely source – an Xbox E3 2017 survey. The leak follows a recent report that also confirmed that Nintendo is preparing a mini version of the console for a release later this year.

In a survey sent out by Microsoft to Xbox Live Reward members, the company may have inadvertently revealed one of Nintendo’s big E3 announcements. The questionnaire asks respondents how interested they are in five different “specific E3 announcements,” including upcoming game releases, the PS4 Pro, Xbox Project Scorpio, the Nintendo Switch and the “Nintendo SNES Classic Edition”.

Interestingly, it also quizzed survey takers on what they like about the Nintendo Switch, such as its price, its Joy-Con controllers and its catalogue of games. This seems to indicate that Microsoft sees the console as a significant threat to its own Xbox gaming brand.

With the SNES Classic Edition being rumored, it could be that Microsoft has simply assumed that the console is going to be announced during the show. The NES Classic Edition sold over two million units and so it would make perfect sense for Nintendo to release an SNES mini console as well. In fact, some may call the Japanese gaming company foolish if it didn’t pursue the opportunity to release an SNES.

SNES Classic Edition Xbox survey question

But on the other hand, Microsoft may have insider information about the Nintendo E3 2017 press conference and has been able to confirm that the SNES Classic Edition will be announced during the event. As the survey suggests, Microsoft is feeling the heat as Nintendo’s latest console continues to sell well.

The NES Classic Edition actually outsold the Xbox One (and the PS4) in April, according to NPD statistics. It would be in the Xbox platform holder’s best interests to stay up to date on what Nintendo is doing, including finding out how else it plans to shake up the console market with brand new hardware.

Many Nintendo fans will also have their fingers crossed that Microsoft has gotten it right and that the mention of the SNES Classic wasn’t just an accident. But they will also hope that the console throwback doesn’t suffer from the same fate as its predecessor.

The NES Classic continued to go out of stock despite Nintendo increasing production more than it intended due to the demand. Some fans were still unable to get one before the company discontinued the console. Hopefully that SNES Classic Edition announcement comes with an explanation of how Nintendo is going to address high interest this time around.

The SNES Classic Edition is yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo, but it’s possible we will see it announced at E3 2017.

Source: Eurogamer