With the SNES Classic Edition set to launch tomorrow on Friday, September 29, 2017, there are likely many gaming fans wondering if they will be able to get their hands on the retro console even though they missed out on the chance for pre-orders. Thankfully, those living in the United States have a solid chance of snagging one upon release, as GameStop and ThinkGeek stores will have units available for walk-in shoppers in the North American country.

This much has been confirmed by a statement shared by a GameStop representative, who said that the stores will have a “limited and varied amount of consoles,” so it sounds as if there is no definitive guarantee that walk-in customers will actually get an SNES Classic Edition on launch day. With this being the case, determined fans stand a better chance at receiving one of the systems if they arrive early at their local shop and call ahead to confirm availability.

For those unaware, SNES Classic Editions are priced at $80 in the United States, and it includes 21 games, such as Final Fantasy 3, Kirby Super Star, Street Fighter 3 Turbo, Super Mario Kart, and the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. In acknowledgement of the price, it’s definitely a decent deal for anyone looking to revisit several classic Super Nintendo titles without having to use an emulator, but the real cost being paid by consumers will likely be the investment of time they take in trying to obtain one.

Upon the release of the SNES Classic Edition’s predecessor, the NES Classic, the retro console faced shortages practically everywhere, and the same situation could occur with the forthcoming system. However, Nintendo has promised that production has been “dramatically increased” in order to meet demand for the forthcoming system. While it seems as if the Big N has learned from its mistakes with the NES Classic, fans who are currently empty-handed can only hope that the company makes good with a steady stock for the SNES Classic Edition.

The SNES Classic Edition is set to release tomorrow on September 29, 2017.

Source: GameSpot