The SNES Classic Edition released last week, giving eager fans another dose of retro gaming fun. Having placed pre-orders months ago, many were able to enjoy the console on launch day. But not all of those who pre-ordered have been so lucky, and some are still waiting for their shipments to arrive.

Customers of Amazon US report that their SNES Classic Editions have not arrived, despite successfully securing a pre-order. Customers who pre-ordered the console in August (as soon as the retailer’s pre-order system went live) say that their units do not have ship dates attached to them. Some affected customers have spoken to Amazon’s customer service team, which has reportedly told them to expect their orders later this week or early next.

At the end of August, Amazon also confirmed that some of its SNES pre-orders would miss launch day, but it’s clear that many customers were not notified about this and are frustrated with a lack of updated information.

Amazon Treasure Truck SNES Classic Edition

As a result, the Amazon page for the SNES Classic is now being review bombed, similar to review bomb campaigns against games on Steam. Customers are publishing one-star reviews of the console, accusing the company of not fulfilling pre-orders so that it can use that stock for its Treasure Trucks – vans that go around a city letting people buy a specific trending product. Some have also questioned the company’s treatment of Amazon Prime customers, who subscribe to avoid shipping problems like this.

As Nintendo increased production of the SNES Classic (compared to the NES Classic) in order to keep up with demand, it seems unlikely that Amazon wouldn’t have enough units for both pre-order and Treasure Truck customers. But considering reports of GameStop’s SNES Classic stock selling out, it’s understandable that some fear that they will miss out because the console is such a hot ticket item.

And although it’s unclear exactly why there has been a mix up, many have suggested that this could just be poor organization on Amazon’s part. The retailer also made headlines earlier this year when many people who pre-ordered a Nintendo Switch complained that their consoles had not shown up on launch day, either. Those customers were forced to wait several days to get their hands on the new console.

While Amazon may be feeling the heat, customers want to know why the retail giant wasn’t prepared. But more importantly, pre-order holders want to know when their SNES Classic Editions will finally show up.

Source: IGN

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