Developer Hi-Rez Studios confirms that its MOBA Smite is set to release on PS4, coming out of its beta and joining Xbox One and PC in a full release of the game.

When in comes to popular genres of video games, it’s hard to look past the MOBA. These hugely successful multiplayer titles, typified by the likes of League of Legends and DotA 2, have amassed huge armies of fans and worldwide followings. Now, it looks like PS4 owners are going to have another MOBA to keep themselves occupied, in the form of Smite.

In a recent update on the official PlayStation blog, developer Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that Smite will be releasing in full on PS4 – and its release date is coming very soon. In fact, the action MOBA title, which has been in open beta for some time on the console, is due to arrive next week on Tuesday, May 31. “It’s official – Smite, the world’s No. 1 action MOBA, will exit beta and launch May 31 on PS4,” said senior producer Andy Anderson in the post.

Although PS4 owners will finally be able to join the party, this simply means that Sony console users will be joining a strong community across multiple platforms. The game is already available in its full version on both Xbox One and PC, and has so far had a fairly positive reception from gamers. Indeed, it seems as though Smite has fulfilled at least some of its promise from early previews of the game.

smite characters moba

Although some may suspect that the MOBA genre is already an oversaturated market, Hi-Rez Studios has tried to give Smite its own unique feel. Aside from an interesting choice of characters that includes multiple mythological characters including Greek gods such as Zeus, the title also delivers MOBA gameplay from a third-person perspective, rather than the top-down view of most of its peers. Combining this with action-oriented gameplay, Smite certainly stands out from the other MOBAs available.

Of course, plenty of PS4 owners will have already played a fair bit of the game; after all, Smite has been in open beta on the console for some time. However, Hi-Rez has made plenty of changes since the beta officially launched, including upping the frame rate to 60 FPS, adding new game modes such as Clash and Siege modes, and adding more playable gods to the title, bringing the total number of playable characters up to 75.

Even though the game is set to fully release next week, it also seems as though Hi-Rez is far from done with changes to the game. Indeed, the developer is planning to continue introducing new content to the title every few weeks, and is going to launch a Viking Invasion event next week. Hopefully, Smite players will continue to receive a good level of content long after the game’s launch across all planned platforms.

Smite will be released for PS4 on May 31, 2016, and is already available for both PC and Xbox One.

Source: PlayStation Blog