Smite Adds Bob Ross Skin to Character

Smite Bob Ross Skin for Sylvanus

Smite is adding a new skin in patch 4.8 for the Roman tree god Sylvanus, styled after the late iconic modern painter and recent Twitch marathon star Bob Ross. The Bob Ross skin will transform Sylvanus into the man himself, riding atop a Grover and painting his way to victory. All of Sylvanus' abilities have been thematically transformed into Bob Ross-related animations. The patch is tentatively scheduled to launch on May 16, with the Bob Ross skin being featured in a bundle with lots of other related goodies for $9.99.

For those familiar with Sylvanus' kit, here's how his abilities will visually change with the Bob Ross skin:

  • Verdant Growth: If Verdant Growth lands unimpeded on the ground, a happy little tree is slowly painted into existence.
  • Wisps: When targeting enemies, Wisps remain unchanged, but when targeting allies Wisps will become smiling happy little clouds.
  • Nature's Grasp: Much like the Bob Ross skin auto attack, Nature's Grasp tosses paint into the air to splash on the ground where targeted.
  • Wrath of Terra: Like Sylvanus' standard Wrath of Terra, roots will thrust of the the ground. However, a large circle of paint will also splash to the ground, revealing hidden images of  Bob Ross and his paintings underneath the map -- much like all of Bob Ross' paint animations.

There are also plenty of other touches to the skin that fit well with the Bob Ross theme. Details like the Grover having a giant smile and a happy face and Bob Ross constantly painting while idling should please all fans of both Smite and Bob Ross.

Smite Bob Ross Skin for Sylvanus - Loading Screen

As noted, the Bob Ross skin will only be available as part of a bundle. The Smite team decided that if they were going to go all out on this skin, they might as well take it a step further. The bundle will feature the skin, with its custom animations and voices, a Jump Stamp of Bob Ross' glorious smiling face, a custom Loading Frame, and a custom Loading Screen featuring a Bob Ross landscape. All together the bundle will cost 700 Gems or $9.99 through Twitch Commerce.

The Loading Frame deserves a bit more of an explanation. It is at its most basic still just a frame around your player card featuring the character you've chosen as a match loads up. It has a fancy design featuring lots of clouds, paint, and twisting foliage. Hi-Rez took it a step further, however. The frame, as the game is loading, will paint your character's portrait in a stylized format. No matter what character you choose, so long as the Bob Ross Loading Frame is being used, the character will be painted.

Smite is a free-to-play MOBA and is currently available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Bob Ross bundle will be available starting May 16 with patch 4.8.

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