Smash Bros. Mod Adds Shirtless Mario from Odyssey

Shirtless Mario Super Smash Bros. mod

When Nintendo released new gameplay footage of Super Mario Odyssey, fans of the character went wild, but not all of that enthusiasm was due to the footage of a new world. Many Mario fans took to social media to celebrate 'shirtless Mario,' highlighting the fact that Nintendo had confirmed that the character has nipples. Shirtless Mario became a viral sensation and now one player has taken the meme even further.

A modder named SmashingRenders has now modded the beloved shirtless Mario into the the Nintendo Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. The Shirtless Mario! mod just "had to be done," explains SmashingRenders on the download page for the new content. The modder also confirms that the mod makes the skin show up in the game's user interface, and that a Metal version of Shirtless Mario is also included in the download.

Mario fans have already taken to the mod, which was revealed over the weekend. Although there were slight concerns about the color of the modded Mario's hair (the textures have now been fixed, SmashingRenders confirms,) everyone seems to be excited to see the meme take on new life. While there have been plenty of variations of the meme (including comparisons to Super Mario Odyssey's buff King Dedede,) many agree that this the best form of the joke yet.

While some may be surprised to see Mario and his nipples become such a taking point, this is just the latest meme born from Super Mario Odyssey trailers. Pre-release footage of the game also spawned the theory that Mario is a bad guy and that the game's main gameplay mechanic, with the hat Cappy, is part of a demonic ritual.

On a more positive note, fans have also made acoustic covers of the Super Mario Odyssey theme tune, as an excuse to show their love for what Nintendo is creating. So, consider Shirtless Mario just another case of fans taking a small bit of content and running with it.

With Super Mario Odyssey not set to release until next month, it's unclear what wild theory or fan-made production that people will come up with next. Fans have a lot of love for the iconic, former plumber, meaning that they are able to poke fun easily, based on the smallest things. Whatever meme they come up with next, it's sure to be totally and completely unexpected.

Super Mario Odyssey will launch on October 27th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: SmashingRenders - Twitter, Gamebanana

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