'Smash Bros.' and 'Pikmin' Both Possible for 3DS

Smash Bros. 3DS and Pikmin 3DS both Possible for Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS has a decent lineup of upcoming titles. However, there are certainly a few franchises that gamers have long hoped would make the jump from Nintendo's consoles to one of their handhelds. Portable versions Smash Bros. and Pikmin have been heavily sought after ever practically since each each of them first appeared.

Fortunately, gamers' cries may not fall on deaf ears in the upcoming generation, as Nintendo has stated that both Smash Bros. and Pikmin are "possible" on the Nintendo 3DS.

This news surfaces after 3DS Buzz posted a recent interview with Nintendo UK's Head of Marketing James Honeywell. When Honeywell was asked if either Smash Bros. or Pikmin was more likely to be released on the Nintendo 3DS, he stated that both were "just as possible or likely."

3DS Buzz: "Which is more likely, Pikmin 3DS or Smash Bros. 3DS?"

Honeywell: "In theory both are just as possible or likely — however neither title has been formally announced as being in development."

It seems like Pikmin is already well underway for the Nintendo 3DS, as it's been spotted on retail lists and even Miyamoto has talked about seeing Pikmin running on the three-dimensional system. If Smash Bros. is just as possible or likely to appear on the 3DS as Pikmin, especially after all the evidence that seems to point towards Pikmin coming to the new handheld, then a portable Smash Bros. is surely at the very least a discussion point at Nintendo right now.

Super Smash Bros. on a handheld is something that Nintendo fans have been asking for for years, but it just hasn't been possible on Nintendo's previous systems. The 3DS has more than enough power to support the infamous fighting franchise, so there are no longer any of the blocks that have kept the franchise away from other Nintendo portables in the past.

It seems like Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Pikmin 3DS aren't "ifs," but "whens."

Would you rather have Smash Bros. 3DS or Pikmin 3DS? Would you purchase the system for either of these games?

Source: 3DS Buzz

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