Fortnite‘s dances and emotes are one of the most talked about aspects of the game. The dances have been performed in World Cup games, after boxing matches, during professional rugby games and by countless (non-athlete) players in the street. So with the moves being so popular and being performed in so many places, it was only a matter of time before they crossed over into other games too.

One such game to get the Fortnite dance treatment is Nintendo’s fighting game franchise Super Smash Bros. YouTuber Master0fHyrule has edited Smash Bros. characters to look as though they are in Fortnite. The YouTuber combined a Super Smash Bros. mod, green screen, and professional animation so that it looks like the fighting game characters are performing the default Fortnite dance instead of the actual Fortnite avatars. The results are incredibly awkward and in some cases, they’re even outright horrific.

While the long-legged versions of Mario and Luigi look fine – almost as though they were made for the Fortnite dancefloor – Princess Peach’s legs and parasol clip through her dress in a way that doesn’t quite look human. Meanwhile, Wario glitches and glides across the floor like he’s doing the moonwalk and the large version of Pikachu is so terrifying that viewers may never be able to unsee it. Other highlights from the nearly-nine minute long video are the Wii Fit Trainer (4:55), Pac-Man (5:27), and Sonic the Hedgehog (5:43) who appears to have lost his neck.

These unintentionally hilarious (and disturbing) animation swaps may not have been added officially, but some are hoping that they will be. After all, Fortnite is now available on Nintendo Switch and prior to the game’s release on the console, there were rumors that the Switch version would include exclusive, Nintendo-themed content. Those rumors didn’t come to fruition, but judging by the reaction to this video, many fans would welcome playable Mario, Luigi, and Pikachu as a post-launch update.

Moreover, Fortnite developer Epic Games has already secured some special crossover content for the game. To celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity War, Fortnite players could battle against Thanos, in a mode that was loved by players who hoped the mode would never end. So with that in mind, could Epic Games also secure the licenses to make all of the characters in Master0fHyrule’s brilliant video? It looks unlikely for now but perhaps if Epic Games takes to the video as well as the community has, the studio could just make it happen.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. A release on Android devices is planned for later this summer.

Source: YouTuber – Master0fHyrule