Reddit user Gluetendo discovers a way to control 8 Smash Bros. characters from one controller, allowing players to remove the CPU from their game entirely.

Since the arrival of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Nintendo fans have been able to fight it out with up to 7 of their friends in the game’s new 8-player Smash. Now, though, a new glitch has made it possible to remove the need for other players, allowing one person to control all 8 characters at once. The video below shows the function in action.

Reddit user Gluetendo discovered the glitch several days ago and soon shared it with the Smash Bros. community. The glitch requires the player have at least 1 amiibo that is compatible with the game, but to control 8 characters they will need 8 total. Smash fans should be sure to give it a try for themselves as Nintendo may choose to remove the function in February’s patch (or if the game ever comes to the upcoming NX console).

The process of replicating the glitch is detailed below.

  • Have 8 amiibo.
  • Use a controller that can “desync” (e.g unplugging a Game Cube controller).
  • Go to the 8-Player Smash mode.
  • Just move your joystick until the “Player #” or port space pops up.
  • Click the name part of your port until it says “None”.
  • Remove your controller from the port or desync it.
  • Scan your amiibo.
  • Plug everything back in.
  • Move your joystick again and now you will be the Player in the next available space after your scanned amiibo. Nothing out of the ordinary, but trust me, it’s working.
  • Repeat Steps 5-9 until all the Player spaces are filled with the 8 amiibo.
  • Go to the Settings (where Time or Stock and Item rules are). Then simply exit.
  • Enjoy controlling 8 characters simultaneously

Super Smash Bros DLC Characters

The glitch is also possible in multiplayer, allowing 2 player to control 4 characters each. This way, players can enjoy team matches against one another, which could prove useful. Gluetendo detailed this process after requests from the community:

  • Perform steps 1-10 of the previous glitch instructions, but with only 3 amiibo.
  • After the three amiibo are scanned, put the controller you’ve been performing the glitch with as fourth player
  • Then take a second controller and perform the glitch with only 3 amiibo again
  • Make the second controller the eighth player
  • Visit the rules and exit
  • Now players 1 and 2 should have control of 4 characters!

Super Smash Bros. has seen a lot of attention recently, with the final Smash Direct announcing the news that Bayonetta and Corrin will be coming to the game next month. The direct also saw the release of Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife, who was an unexpected but welcome addition to the Smash Bros. roster.

Despite some of the more vocal fans complaining about the choice of characters that Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai is adding to the game, the majority of players are just happy that the much-loved fighting game is receiving DLC content at all; they don’t malign the game or its creators.

That isn’t to say the developers aren’t without their own struggles with fans. For example, Sakurai likened himself to Star Wars creator George Lucas in the oftentimes vitriolic fan responses he receives.

Super Smash Bros. is out now for Wii U and 3DS.

Source: Reddit