What 'Super Smash Bros.' Runner Up Clapping Really Sounds Like

Smash Bros. Second Place


For the past fifteen years, the Super Smash Bros. franchise has been offering some of the most entertaining party games on any console. With the jump to online play, the party has now extended beyond crowded gaming rooms, but the spirit of the melee brawl is still in tact. Although we'd like to think we're all good sports when we lose to our friends, there's no denying that barely missing first place leaves most gamers a little salty. This video captures the moment pretty perfectly...

Removing the sound from the post-game celebration video for Smash Bros. Wii U and adding very realistic clapping sound effects ends up being way more entertaining than it should be. The video gets a few chuckles early on with Mario and Luigi's bitter clapping, but things get even more entertaining once Samus starts clapping with her arm cannon and the dog from Duck Hunt shows up to display his sportsmanship, or lack thereof.

The cheap joke seems ridiculous, but is shockingly difficult to look away from. The long-running joke (the video clocks in at about five minutes) is reminiscent of last year's Luigi death stare videos. We don't expect this second place clap video to go viral on quite the same level as Luigi's video did, but at close to 500,000 views already, clearly people are enjoying the realistic clap.

Smash Bros. Second Place

The Luigi death stare meme was great for business and brought a ton of attention to Mario Kart 8. Nintendo embraced the joke and was likely incredibly pleased to see a Wii U game getting coverage on mainstream news outlets in a positive light. We imagine the marketing team at Nintendo are already trying to figure out how to get this video into their marketing plans, as well.

Special thanks to YouTube channel GrumpOut for taking the time to remove the audio and add the realistic clapping to the video. Now all we need is Nintendo to release a patch that adds the improved sound effects to the actual game. Is that too much to ask?

Do you think the clapping video will take on the same meme status as the Luigi death stare? Does it hit home with how you feel after losing a close match? Let us know in the comments.

Smash Bros. Wii U is currently available.

Source: YouTube

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