5 Nintendo Characters We Still Want In Super Smash Bros Ultimate (& 5 Third-Party Ones Who Might)

Super Smash Bros, as we all know, is just a full buffet table of video game characters finely cooked into the perfect fighting game meal. Do you want to play as Mario? How about Solid Snake or Bayonetta? Every iteration finds new ways to add more outrageous characters and it just gets more extravagant as time goes on.

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With Super Smash Bros Ultimate, they brought back every character they had ever utilized, plus some. The slow trickle of DLC has made it even better, too, such as the recent addition of Banjo Kazooie. But, who do we want to join the Smash roster in future additions? Let's take a look at 5 Nintendo Characters We Still Want In Super Smash Bros Ultimate (and 5 Third-Party Ones Who Might Be Awesome Too).

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10 Nintendo - Sirfetch'd

When a new generation of Pokemon comes out, it's not unusual to include some extra Smash fighters based on it. When  Pokemon X and Y came out, Greninja was the way to go. Incineroar jumped from the rope into the ring when Pokemon Sun and Moon were new. Now that Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming out, we need a new hero to enter the fray: Sirfetch'd.

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The upcoming evolution of Farfetch'd could easily be the next sword-based fighter, donning an oversized onion lance and leaf shield. Imagine his fluttering like Yoshi or Peach when he jumps, then attacking like Meta Knight. Let's all stan Sirfetch'd in Smash.

9 Third Party - Akuma

Street Fighter's Akuma is no stranger to crossovers and cameos, between multiple Marvel fighting games and the newest iteration of Tekken. Since Ryu and Ken have both Hadouken'ed themselves into Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it's only fair to have Akuma join the fight as a heavier version of the pair. Giving him a faster, heavier playstyle with his Satsui no Hadou (The Surge of Murderous Intent), Akuma could be a force to be reckoned with. He could even call back to his appearance as Cyber-Akuma in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter for his Final Smash.

8 Nintendo - Paper Mario

The Paper Mario series is beloved by Mario fans of all ages, taking a page (ha!) from their prior Super Mario RPG offerings. Literally paper-thin, Paper Mario has several abilities that could be utilized in Super Smash Bros. Such as using a paintbrush or going between 3D and 2D for dodges.

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Visually speaking, he could team up with Paper Luigi, Paper Bowser, or Paper Peach for similar attacks or multiple skins. Speaking of, this makes us think of a certain version of Link from The Legend of Zelda, a Link Between Worlds that could work in this slot as well.

7 Third Party - Sora

Since Final Fantasy VII's Cloud is on the roster, Sora is a prime candidate to join Smash as well. Using his trusty keyblade as a sword-based fighter, he could call upon Donald and Goofy for support mid-battle as summons. With multiple skin options across all of the worlds he's been to, Sora has a chance to be one of the more customizable and recognizable options in the entire series, as opposed to just a color swap. If Donald joins him as well, maybe he'll actually heal Sora for once in the middle of a battle!

6 Nintendo - Ashley

Ashley, the witch-in-training from the Warioware series, already appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but she clearly deserves a spot on the actual fighting roster. Between her and her little shape-shifting imp familiar, Red, Ashley could act similarly to Duck Hunt Dog or Banjo Kazooie as a duo. Ashley could throw potions and use magic like Robin, but have the mobility of the duo pairs. As her spells are still being learned, they can be powerful but could have a small chance of damaging her self, not unlike Pichu.

5 Third Party - Claptrap

Unce, unce, unce! Claptrap rolls into the fight! If the Borderlands series ever makes its way onto the Nintendo Switch, Claptrap deserves to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well! With the ability to wield weapons, start a dance party, or annoy other players into rage quitting, Claptrap mains would have a lot of options to choose from.

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Different colors could allude to different versions of the little robot through the series, such as the Gentleman or Commando versions. Any Final Smash should include the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap (INAC) and a hoard of CL4P-TP.

4 Nintendo - Chibi-Robo

Okay, so Chibi-Robo might not feel like he should fit in at first, but it makes perfect sense once put into context. Chibi-Robo is a cute little robot that is super small and does housework and solves problems. At that size, how could it fight against Mario or Bowser? The Smash characters have always been thought of as toys that came to life to fight each other. Chibi-Robo, in the self-titled adventure platform series, is a tiny robot that deals with toys that (wait for it) come to life. His Final Smash could include Giga-Robo and his attacks could include housework motif.

3 Third Party - Master Chief

With the inclusion of Solid Snake and Bayonetta, mature themes are clearly not off-limits when it comes to the Smash roster. Microsoft and Nintendo have both been acting like real chums for the past year or so, and with the Microsoft-owned RARE allowing Banjo Kazooie to join the ranks, Master Chief might even have a solid shot. In the same way that Snake doesn't utilize actual guns, Chief could hurl plasma grenades, fire off needler rounds, and call for Pelican air support drops. Even in his big chunky MJOLNIR armor, he knows plenty of martial arts to boot as well.

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Some think that DOOM's Doom Slayer should fill this role, such as his inclusion in the infamous Smash Fighter Ballot, but Master Chief has more options for "not actual guns" at his disposal and he serves the same purpose.

2 Nintendo - Spring Man or Ribbon Girl From ARMS

When ARMS came out for the Nintendo Switch, fans wondered if the long-armed characters could eventually spring into the Smash series. When all that came out was Mii Fighter costumes based on them, speculation grew. These fighters could easily have a long punch, similar in style to Smash-competitor Brawlhalla's Rayman. Different skins could merit different abilities, but keep the boxing as the primary focus. Between the wide cast of character types, Ramen Girl or Twintelle could be playable. But, starting with Spring Man and Ribbon Girl is a no-brainer if the ARMS Institute joins the ranks!

1 Third Party - Shantae

Originally appearing in the self-titled 2002 Shantae game, Shantae is the half-genie hero with a ton of moves to work within Super Smash Bros Ultimate. In the cute platformer series, Shanae can learn dance moves, attack with her ponytail, and use magic spells. These could be turned into attacks and buffs, turn her into different animals, and take down her enemies.  Her Final Smash could have her team up with the pirate Risky Boots and attack with a pirate ship. A Sequin Land stage should join as part of this DLC as well, to liven up the stage options too!

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