'Sly 4' Teaser Trailer Hidden in Sly Cooper Collection

Sly 4 Teaser Trailer in Sly Collection

Only a few days after the PS3’s Sly Collection has become available in stores we have another piece of Sly news for you, and this time it’s about a totally new title. Included in the Sly Cooper Collection is a brief teaser trailer for what is tentatively titled Sly 4 and while there isn't much to see just the idea of a new Sly game is enough to get us excited

With only a quick look at the sequel it is hard to glean any plot elements or whether Sly’s faithful sidekicks will return, but check the trailer out and see what you can pick up on:


Back when the PS2 dominated the console generation and Sucker Punch wasn't trying to electrocute monsters, the Sly games proved themselves to be inventive platformers with beautiful cell-shaded graphics. The ability to switch between three characters each with different playing styles wasn’t first utilized in Sly, but its execution in the game was well managed. Making great use of the limited graphical power at the time, it almost seemed like the Sly games were developed a few years too early.

Now with the power of the PS3 behind the title, its potential has increased substantially. Unfortunately, the off-screen trailer doesn’t give much in the way of detail but from what is visible the detail that has been added to the textures looks far improved.

If you’re a fan of the Sly games then you must be more than excited for the announcement of Sly 4. As an underrated platformer that got caught in the hullabaloo of Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank, the Sly games always stood out to gamers as the title that worked hard to be unique. When the game finally releases don’t expect it to simply be called Sly 4 as previous titles have all carried some sort of plot significant subtitle.

Are you excited for the release of the first Sly Cooper developed for the PS3? Where do you hope to see the quirky plot go next?

Sly 4 has no release date but should be a PS3 exclusive.

Source: IGN

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