Nintendo Wii owners have been waiting patiently for a satisfying sword-fighting game on the console. The mini-game in Wii Sports Resort just isn’t meaty enough, and you may be able to wield a sword in some other games but it’s usually not the primary weapon or based on real fencing tactics.

Well, Majesco Entertainment may be bringing that long-awaited sword-fighting game to the Wii, simply dubbed Swords. The game will feature support for MotionPlus to take advantage of the 1-to-1 mechanic that you will use as you travel through time to battle some of the toughest sword-fighting adversaries in history such as Sir Lancelot and Viking chieftain Armin. As you defeat your opponents, you will received an upgraded sword to wield in the next battle as you fight for the title of “Greatest Swordsman of All Time.”

In order to prepare your for battle, Swords includes a training mode where you will learn different tactics and skills such as carving, sparring, and blocking. You will also be able to test your swordsmanship against a horde of zombies before taking on the line of combatants that await. Multiplayer and co-op mode will allow you to train with a friend or take each other on in the arena.

I think this release sounds fun, and could be worth a go, but I’m still holding out hope for an official Star Wars lightsaber title.

Swords is expected to hit shelves sometime in September 2010 for the Nintendo Wii.