It may be almost six years old at this point, but the legacy of open world action-adventure Sleeping Dogs continues to grow. This morning famed actor, director, and martial artist Donnie Yen announced that development of a Sleeping Dogs film continues to move forward. No release window or further details were provided.

Yen, whose celebrity has skyrocketed in the USA  after starring in Star Wars: Rogue One, made the announcement by posting to Instagram several images of himself cut next to key art of Sleeping Dogs game protagonist Wei Shen. The images of Yen are taken from films in which he previously starred, showcasing just how perfect the role of Wei Shen is for him. The post also has a single line of commentary from Yen:

“Sometimes great things take a bit of time. Sleeping Dog is motion, you guys ready for this?”

Given that the images posted were not from the film itself, it’s likely safe to assume that Sleeping Dogs has yet to begin filming. More than that, it’s difficult to judge where exactly in production Sleeping Dogs is at all. Yen’s Instagram post isn’t particularly substantial, though Yen publicly acknowledging the film implies a dedication to the project that could mean production is ramping up quickly.

The Sleeping Dogs film was first announced to be in production in March 2017, though such announcements don’t often come to fruition. The period since has left many wondering if the project had been shelved, just one of the dozens of video game films that never moved into full production. Considering Sleeping Dogs‘ cult following, there are likely quite a few fans excited by Yen’s Instagram post.

Sleeping Dogs is available now on PC,  PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Expect more information on the film adaptation in the months to come.