Slay The Spire: The 10 Best Cards For The Silent, Ranked

The Silent is the rogue-like class of the game Slay The Spire and comes with an interesting deck of cards that you can build. She’s unique in that her cards do not heal her HP, ever. Instead she must focus on avoiding damage through blocks, quickly killing her opponents through poisons, and utilizing lots of energy gains to accomplish both.

She makes for fast placed gameplay and players that understand this core characteristic of her deck will become pros that can swiftly decimate opponents. To improve your deck, consider using what many consider to be the best cards for Silent.

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10 Caltrops

One of many power cards you’ll see on this list, Caltrops causes the enemy to receive three damage whenever you are attacked. This simple card can improve overall DPS as you are passively damaging the enemy each time you take a hit.

It ranks lower because you should ideally be avoiding as many hits as possible, but with a high block you’re getting free damage against your opponents without any downside. It’s also fun watching your foes take damage for daring to strike your character.

9 Corpse Explosion

A gory concept to be sure, Corpse Explosion applies six poison to enemies for damage over time. When that foe’s health pool finally runs out they ‘explode’ dealing damage to opponent’s that’s equal to their max HP.

The poison is useful for whittling down foes with deep health pools and then turning that abundance of health against their allies when they die. Tagging the toughest fighter with this ability and then concentrating your efforts on bringing it down is a solid strategy for taking out durable groups in battle.

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8 Alchemize

When playing this card your character will receive a random potion they can use. Getting any potion is bound to be helpful, but it can be a great way to get some needed health or other ability, assuming your lucky.

It can’t be relied upon to give you what you need so it’s hard to incorporate this card into any given strategy, but that randomized ability to get a potion is too strong to pass up. The small energy requirement of one makes this a great card to use to burn the last of your energy and hopefully get something useful.

7 Terror

This skill card is incredibly valuable against a tough adversary. When played it applies 99 Vulnerability, this causes them to receive 50% increased damage from each attack for an astounding 99 turns.

This is absolutely invaluable in boss fights as you can practically increase your damage output by 50% for the duration of the fight. Outside of boss battles it’s great to couple this card with something like Corpse Explosion and go after the heavy hitters on the team with deep health pools.

6 Adrenaline

This simple card gives you one extra energy and allows you to draw two cards. It doesn’t sound like much when compared to more visceral cards like Corpse Explosion, but the Silent’s deck is full of cards that use only one energy and those two extra cards can often be game changers in a round.

That extra energy guarantees that you can play whatever you draw whether it be a much needed block card, a poison attack to use early in a tough battle, or a power card to boost your overall efforts sooner. There is very little reason not to play this card as soon as you get it.

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5 Envenom

This powerful power card applies one poison whenever one of your attacks deals damage that hasn’t been blocked. One poison may not seem like much, but it’ll stack every time you perform an attack which will happen often with a Silent deck.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you can combine the effects of this power with a multi-target strike like Die Die Die to poison everyone in one hit. At the very least it’s another method of chipping away at your opponent’s health that makes the battle that much faster.

4 Noxious Fumes

This power card is very similar to Envenom, but much more powerful and much more passive. At the start of your turn, every turn, you apply two poison to every enemy you face. It doesn’t matter if you attack them or not, they will be poisoned.

This is great when you’re not directly damaging the enemy every round as they will be taking damage every turn for the entire match regardless. In fact this card is key to many player’s more passive strategies to winning which often involve beefing themselves up with block and letting poison kill their enemies for them.

3 After Image

A great reference to the Dragon Ball universe, the After Image is a power card that gives you one point of block whenever you play a card. It sounds weak at first, but the Silent deck specializes in having a lot of energy and cards that use very little energy, it’s not unheard of to play a lot of cards in one turn thanks to cards like Adrenaline.

You can get in a self-sustaining cycle of using cards that draw cards that can be used to draw even more cards. Every card that gets consumed in these cycles adds more and more block to your character. At the very least it guarantees you get at least two to three block every turn to minimize the sting of each attack.

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2 Glass Knife

The Glass Knife is the only attack card on this list and is by far the most powerful attack you can perform in the game. It performs two attacks dealing eight damage each and then decreases how much damage this card does the next turn by two.

That last part is a bit disappointing as you get further into battle and continue drawing this card, but the double hit is useful for many other cards and powers in Silent’s arsenal and that initial damage isn’t too shabby.

1 Well-Laid Plans

Easily the strongest card in Silent’s deck is Well-Laid Plans. It’s a power card that allows you to retain one of your cards. The ability to hang onto strong cards for later turns is immensely powerful as it minimizes the loss of goods cards each turn, lets you build for bigger strategies down the road, and gives you options.

The key to any Silent deck is to think ahead and create chains of blocks and attacks that cripple the enemy and bolster your block. A card like this improves your odds of accomplishing this by enabling you to save at least one strong card for when it’ll achieve the greatest use.

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