‘Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp’ Reveals First Screenshots, Details

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In the 1980s, the slasher flick dominated the horror genre. The success of Halloween in the late 1970s sparked an exhausting amount of copycat films, including Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Sleepaway Camp, and countless others, all about a killer slaughtering drug-addled and sex-crazed teenagers in creative ways.

For the most part, the video game industry has steered clear of mimicking the slasher film, besides games based on the aforementioned films, such as the abysmal NES adaptation of Friday the 13th. However, for one reason or another, creating a game in the spirit of the old 1980s slasher movies seems to be the latest craze, and we can add yet another one to the list with the newly revealed Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp.

Created by a game company known as Gun, Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game that is very reminiscent of 1980s horror films. More specifically, the game is paying direct homage to the aforementioned Friday the 13th films, with the game’s creator, Wes Keltner stating, “This is my love letter to the Friday the 13th film series.”

Keltner is joined by game industry veterans as well as a couple of recognizable faces from Hollywood. Kane Hodder, perhaps the most well-known actor to ever don Jason’s iconic hockey mask, will be working on the game along with special effects wizard Tom Savini. Savini is no stranger to the Friday the 13th film franchise either, providing special effects and stunt work for the original movie as well as the fourth film.

Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp - Bloody bench

They have all come together to create Summer Camp, which, as mentioned earlier, is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game. Up to eight players can join in, with one player controlling the killer, and the rest controlling the camp counselors simply trying to survive at Camp Forrest Green. The killer, literally known as the Killer in the game, has better mobility than the counselors, and can also utilize a variety of weapons and environmental kills around Forrest Green as well.

The counselors can choose to work together against the Killer to survive or play solo. Their main goal is to find working vehicles that they can use to escape the camp, while also searching for weapons that can slow the Killer down. For the most part, however, the counselors will want to stay as far away from the Killer as possible if they hope to survive.

Besides gameplay, details on the game’s visuals have also been revealed. Sticking to the theme of an ’80s horror film, the game is made to purposefully look like it’s being watched on a VHS player. The developers have gone to lengths to mimic the visual style of the 80s slasher movies, and hope that this will cultivate the atmosphere they are trying to create.

Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp - Dead body near canoe

Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp is just the latest game announced that is made in the spirit of 80s slasher movies. PS4 owners can look forward to the exclusive Until Dawn when it releases on August 25th, and there’s also the Friday the 13th game due out later this year in October. The Friday the 13th game will feature asymmetric multiplayer similar to Summer Camp, with one player controlling Jason Voorhees and the rest controlling the teenagers that he is mercilessly slaughtering.

Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be available eventually for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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