The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project releases a new trailer for the Skywind mod, highlighting the rebuilt Morrowind environments, armor, and assets in Skyrim.

Video game remasters are commonplace these days, but older titles often don’t receive remasters or remakes, leaving gamers wanting. While Bethesda has marched along creating new, innovative entries to The Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises, its older games haven’t been revisited. The Skywind mod project is well on its way to amending this with a new update revealing the progress made in creating the mod.

The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project has released a new video for Skywind showing off some of the latest accomplishments of the modding team. This particular update focuses on the armor, environments, and assets that have been created in the game. The video gives a peek into how gorgeous the mod will look when complete.

Skywind is a promising modding project that intends to bring the world, quests, and assets of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind into The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Although Skyrim itself is now nearly five years old, the technology that went into the game’s engine and the capabilities of the average gamer’s gaming PC are both far beyond what was possible when Morrowind was released. With Skyrim‘s Creation Engine and a team of volunteers that are hard at work upgrading or completely rebuilding the assets of Morrowind, the finished product looks just as good as Skyrim or even better.

Unfortunately, there’s still no set date for when the creators of the Skywind mod will release it to the public. However, it’s remarkable that the Skywind mod was originally announced four years ago and that it’s still being actively worked on. At this point, many promising mods would be long-forgotten and abandoned, so it’s heartening to see that work and effort is still being poured into the project, especially since Bethesda doesn’t seem to be any closer to announcing a remake or remaster of Morrowind.

While the mod isn’t yet available to the public, enthusiasts with modding, coding, or even voice acting skills can help out by visiting the TES Renewal Project website and volunteering. In addition, gamers who are intrigued by the idea can give two of their other modding projects a whirl. The same project previously transferred Morrowind into the Oblivion game, and Skyblivion gives gamers an opportunity to explore Cyrodiil in Skyrim.

Although it could still take months or even years for Skywind to be completed, just seeing footage of the lands of Morrowind from a 14-year-old game upgraded to modern standards is truly a sight to behold.

Source: TES Renewal