The release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is creeping up and after browsing through screenshots of the Silent Realm, Fire Temple & Dowsing last week, Nintendo has revealed some interesting story bits to keep gamers amped until Novemeber 20th when it is finally released.

The tale of Skyward Sword begins with Link on the island town of Skyloft as he prepares for an important bird-flying competition. The winner of this competition earns the opportunity to be the guest of honor alongside Zelda at a special ceremony – Sounds pretty different than what we are use to with our previous Legend of Zelda games, right?

This game promises a lot of character depth between Link and Zelda that we haven’t seen before. Not only will it include great character arcs, but players will also find elements of the story that will lay the foundation of events that have already occurred in the rest of the series. The biggest and coolest reveal of them all: the creation of the Master Sword will be told.

Here is just a hint of what we can expect from these characters that Nintendo has released for us thus far:

  • Introduction: The new game’s storyline begins in Skyloft, an island town suspended high in the sky, on the day before young Link is to compete in a major bird-flying competition. The winner of the contest will earn the honor of taking part in a special ceremony with Zelda.
  • Link and Zelda: Friends since childhood, Link and Zelda have always shared a special bond. Events in the new game will add even more depth to their relationship.
  • Groose: Link’s nemesis at school, Groose, plays a significant role in the early moments of the new game. This bully of a character not only threatens Link’s chances to win the bird-flying competition, but he also reveals a jealous streak toward Link and Zelda’s special bond.
  • Fi: Early on in Link’s new adventure, he encounters Fi, the spirit of the powerful Goddess Sword. Fi’s guidance proves to be crucial as Link goes forth on a challenging quest that will ultimately result in the creation of the Master Sword.
  • Zelda’s father: Gaepora, Zelda’s father, is the headmaster of Link’s school. As such, he has knowledge of the history and legends of Skyloft.

Check out some of the awesome screenshots released below (click the images to enlarge):

More details about the plot are still to come as the release date draws near. With between 50-100 hours of gameplay, one would hope that this tells an epic tale that we can all warmly embrace into the franchise.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be available as a standalone game or as part of a limited-edition bundle which will include a gold-colored Wii Remote Plus controller. Every copy in the early production runs of this title will also come packaged with a special music CD containing orchestral arrangements of select songs that will be performed at the upcoming The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert.

Speak out! How do you feel about the story elements that have been revealed so far? How will Link’s adventure tie into the rest of the expansive Legend of Zelda franchise? Will the inclusion of the Wii Motion Plus be more of a hassle or more of a benefit?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releases November 20, 2011 for the Nintendo Wii.

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