When you have a big, multi-title franchise like The Legend of Zelda series, it can be hard to decide which is the absolute best. Many fans will have their favorites, for whatever reasons. And in some cases, no matter what advancements are made in terms of technology or in storytelling, they will always view their game as the greatest of them all. So when one of the creators of the latest Zelda game says that Skyward Sword will be the biggest one yet, it goes without saying that many will stand up and pay attention.

One of the key members of the Zelda team, Eiji Aonuma, conducted an interview in which, naturally, Skyward Sword was a key topic. He addressed the rumor flying around that this would be the biggest and deepest Zelda game yet, and said that it was no exaggeration. Apparently, so much content was put into the game that even now, he and Shigeru Miyamoto are having a hard time getting through it all.

Aonuma further explained that the game’s sheer volume wasn’t just because of how large the world was, but also because of the gamer needing to “understand the structures of the world”, as he put it.

His comments about Skyward Sword being the biggest Zelda game yet are certainly bold statements, but the team seems to be going out of their way to try new things with this game. The supposed larger emphasis on puzzles, even in terms of battle, is certainly a new twist on an established aspect, but another recently announced inclusion shows just how different this Zelda game could be, as you can actually upgrade the various items you collect on your quest.

According to Nintendo spokesperson Bill Trinen, an entire upgrade system that seems fairly RPG-esque was included in the game. At the San Diego Comic-Con, he used Link’s shield as an example, saying that Link could get a number of shields through the game, upgrading them along the way.

He didn’t specify how exactly, but mentioned that you could get various resources from enemies that you defeat that could be put toward upgrading the shield. He also said that this applied to a number of items you’ll be getting through the game. No confirmation on weapons or armor, but if they’re implementing the system for one part of Link’s arsenal, it’s not crazy to think those will see the same mechanics.

What are your thoughts on Skyward Sword‘s upgrade system? Is a deeper leveling mechanic one thing you would like to see from a bigger, better Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword arrives for the Nintendo Wii this holiday season.

Source: ZeldaInformer, GameInformer