'Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim' Videos Show Tricks to Leveling Fast

Skyrim Fast Leveling Videos

In today’s round of Skyrim news we have a couple of crafty ways in which gamers have discovered they can level up their characters. While one is pretty easy to complete, and makes your character a one-man army, the other requires a bit more ingenuity…and LEGOs.

For the first leveling trick, players will have to follow a few easy steps starting with completing the Hermaeus Mora daedric quest, which unlocks the Oghma Infinium book. With the Oghma Infinium in your possession, players simply need to go to a bookshelf, leaf through the book, and then trick the game into thinking you are continually reading the book for the first time. It’s actually a pretty simple leveling “trick” but it also results in any player being over-powered very quickly, which could detract from the RPG fun of a game like Skyrim.

But for those who would rather simply wipe every living dragon (there are a lot of them) off the face of the Skyrim world, here’s a handy video breakdown of the trick.


Now the other way to level, at least a small part, of your character’s abilities in Skyrim requires a bit more hard work, and a competent understanding of LEGOs. As you will see in the included video below, one gamer has crafted a LEGO-based device that intermittently presses the trigger button in order to use a spell. Use that spell long enough, and it will reach max level — essentially condensing 100 hours worth of spell use into a smaller fraction of time.


Now, this leveling up of skills, unlike the Oghma Infinium trick, can actually be recreated by a player who is determined enough to continuously press the trigger, making it somewhat legitimate. Unfortunately, throwing in a LEGO device, and going to sleep while your character levels is cheating the system.

Skyrim, thus far, has proven to be a game best experienced one layer at a time. There are moments meant to be savored, and those that are pure happenstance, but each has been crafted by Bethesda to keep the player exploring and help them level. If one were to bypass that system -- try and jump to the front of the line so to speak -- they would be violating the integrity of the product, and so I’d recommend experiencing Skyrim the way it was intended.

How do you feel about these Skyrim leveling exploits? Would you rather instantly jump to level 100 or do you like earning each new upgrade?

Source: Game Informer, Brothers Brick


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