We love The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s easily a game of the year contender. The only issues we have with the Bethesda RPG are its bountiful bugs, glitches and NPC AI, but it is these things that provide us with smiles, laughs and intrigue through in-game videos.

Despite the game’s flaws, Skyrim has received nothing but critical praise, including a rare perfect score from Famitsu. In celebration, we’ve gathered some interesting and creative Skyrim user videos for your viewing pleasure.

Every day we’re sent a funny or cool gameplay video from players of the latest Elder Scrolls game. Somtimes, it’s players finding something neat, accomplishing a near impossible feat, while other times it’s user mods, glitches and just pure randomness.

100 ways to die in Skyrim – the musical:


How to find the unique ‘Chillrend’ weapon in Skyrim:


Next up, from YouTube user ‘ColloseusXReturns’ are a series of “large scale” NPC battles. They’ve got a lot of these on their channel, including a tournament setup with different groups of NPCs, but here are a few cool ones:





The next video is creepy and disturbing. It’s the house of a serial killer who seemingly has beheaded a lot of his wives, Henry VIII of England style:


The characters of Skyrim say dirty things when left up to the mind of players – check out this censored version of several NPC conversations:



The problems never end when it comes to glitches and other issues in The Elder Scrolls V and this has never been more evident than with the PS3 version of the game. The game had memory leaks with saving and hindered gameplay for many users but the recent 1.2 Skyrim patch aimed to rectify that, crashing and other bugs. Instead, it seemingly erased resistance effects so some creatures are inadvertently killing themselves with their own spells while players playing as mages or characters with natural resistances don’t have them. Apparently, the patch also created a new type of dragon: the backwards dragon:


Last but not least, a cheesy avalanche.


We love Skyrim-related fun. So if you know of any awesome mods, great videos or funny comics related to the game, share with us in the comments and we may post about it, giving you credit.

For now, go hunt some dragons!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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