'Skyrim' Update 1.5 Adds Kill Cameras

Skyrim Update 15 Kill Cameras

It's going to take quite some time for any game to reach the same level of player interaction and machinima that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has enjoyed these past few months. In their effort to improve and expand upon the game's foundations - and possibly to encourage even more fan involvement - the developers at Bethesda have rolled out Update 1.5. The update is available now on Steam with console releases forthcoming, but a brand new trailer gives a taste of what to expect from the improved combat.

As much as Skyrim is lauded for being an incredibly rich and engaging open-world role-playing experience, the gameplay itself comes down to two basic elements: acquiring items and killing things. Thankfully Update 1.5 looks to improve both aspects by correcting dozens of glitches and quest-breaking errors, and making executions and attacks of all types even more satisfying.

The one aspect of the update that most fans will be excited to see is the addition of new Kill Cameras for both ranged and magic attacks. While the cinematic flourishes that capped off a skirmish have been making melee fans happy since launch, now those who prefer crafting deadly spells or a bow and arrow can enjoy the same. Not to be left out, a new batch of melee kill animations are also being added to keep things fresh.

Have a look at the new stabs, slashes and yes, suplexes that will soon be avaialable on every platform. Obviously the content of these aptly-titled 'Kill Cameras' is of M-rated nature:

While the improved and updated set of finishing strikes will be a welcome change to those still working their way through Skyrim's story, we can't help but think how quickly the fan community will be using these new animations to different ends. The Creation Kit's early success showed how passionate the fan base of The Elder Scrolls is today, and even those who don't know a frost dragon from a dragon priest can enjoy the hundreds of Skyrim mash-up videos now gracing the internet.

Update 1.5 also brings in several improvements both visually and mechanically - a sign that Bethesda continues their ongoing challenge of solving the logic problems that plague an otherwise outstanding property. Even if the developer claims that some of the technical problems were overblown, a game as large an complex as Skyrim is bound to have some flaws.

The Skyrim Update 1.5 is available on Steam for the PC now, and will be arriving on all platforms in the near future. Check out the official blog post for all the details.

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