A total conversation mod for Skyrim gets an English release trailer which shows off an entire new landscape, a gritty plot, and professional voice acting.

We occasionally cover Skyrim modifications, either because they’re nostalgic and ridiculous or simply impressive in size and scope. With that in mind, today’s highlighted modification plays into the latter. Enter Enderal, the total conversion modification for Skyrim that features a “dark, psychological” storyline and an entire new landscape for gamers to explore. As the below video shows, the modification certainly looks like it has plenty to offer to hungry Skyrim fans – and it should, considering that its been in development for the last 5 years.

The team behind the modification previously released a German trailer, and while it contained some impressive voice acting, it wasn’t quite what English fans may have wanted. Thankfully, Enderal is also receiving an English release, and the collective of developers weren’t about to leave English fans without a language-specific trailer of their own.

Gamers can take a gander at the English Enderal trailer below:

As the trailer explains, a great purge is coming to the lands within Enderal in a somewhat similar manner to Mass Effect, and the hero will play a central role in stopping the murderous cycle from wiping out civilization once again. Featuring Steampunk-esque airships and what appears to be a gritty storyline filled with plenty of combat and mystery, the Enderal modification may be one of the must-haves for Skyrim fans who have already toyed with all the available storyline modifications from the Steam Workshop.

Though English fans are used to getting access to content first, the German edition to the modification will release first between July 1 and July 3, 2017. An English version will follow shortly after near the end of July, which means gamers still have plenty of time to twiddle their thumbs in the meantime. For what it’s worth, the Enderal modification will be a completely free product, meaning some people will have paid more for an animated fishing mod with stolen assets than for this entire snazzy-looking campaign.

Of course, gamers will also have the chance to purchase the Skyrim Special Edition this holiday window, although they won’t be able to port over their old saves from different consoles. Since the Special Edition is slated to support modification content for the original Skyrim, the remastered edition of the game ‘should‘ be compatible with the Enderal modification when it finally gets released. Of course, ‘should’ isn’t the most confident statement we’ve ever heard – we’ll keep you posted if a more positive confirmation about mod compatibility comes forth from Bethesda’s own Pete Hines.

What do you think about the Enderal total conversion modification for Skyrim, Ranters? Are you interested in downloading it?