When Skyrim was first revealed for the Nintendo Switch, many fans of both The Elder Scrolls and of Nintendo saw the arrival of the game as something of a coup. Not only did it mean that gamers would be able to pick up and play Skyrim on the go, but it also meant there was the possibility of other unique features of the Switch being utilized. Now, Bethesda has officially confirmed that Skyrim on Switch will use motion controls.

The news was revealed by the publisher at the same time as the game’s E3 2017 confirmation trailer was released, where Bethesda unveiled the Switch version of Skyrim to the public. In the trailer itself, use of motion controls is shown, and since then Bethesda has confirmed that there will be motion controls for combat and for lockpicking.

So far, a brief look at using the motion controls for combat has been given, showing a player aiming and unleashing volleys of arrows with a bow, and also fighting off foes using a melee weapon and shield. It would certainly add an interesting new dynamic to the world of Skyrim, and perhaps lead to additional interest from those who have played the game before.

skyrim switch motion controls melee

That said, motion controls are something of a contentious issue with a number of gamers, with some finding motion control use much more cumbersome than using a regular control method. As such, some may prefer to use Skyrim using its old control method, and no doubt the versatility of the Switch will allow gamers to choose between using motion controls or not.

The addition of motion control compatibility was not the only way in which Nintendo has been able to make its mark on the Switch release of Skyrim, either. The title will actually have an official tie-in with another Nintendo property in the form of Link’s Breath of the Wild gear being available in-game via amiibo functionality, with other loot also available through the use of other characters.

Of course, this isn’t the only time that Skyrim has toyed with using a unique control method over the course of its many releases. Indeed, the Xbox 360 release of the game actually had some Kinect functionality, allowing users to use Kinect commands to pull off the game’s signature Dragon Shouts as well as some other commands. Hopefully, the motion controls for the Switch will prove to be a little more useful.

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Skyrim will be released on Nintendo Switch during the Holiday season of 2017.