Skyrim Guide: How To Get Mods on Xbox One

Skyrim How To Install Mods

Here's how one can to install modifications for the Xbox One version of the new Skyrim Special Edition, which also brings fresh graphics to the table.

Skyrim Special Edition is launching tomorrow, and the enhanced edition of the game does more than just spruce up the visuals. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers have been promised modification support for the game, although it turns out that Xbox One gamers will be able to dedicate much more of their console hard drive space for those shiny new modifications as compared to their PS4 playing counterparts.

Of course, all that counts for nil if gamers can't figure out how to properly install modifications onto their Xbox One version of Skyrim Special Edition. So, we've crafted this guide to help those who might need some help in adding Macho Man Randy Savage into the game.

To install modifications for the Xbox One edition of Skyrim, gamers must first fast travel to the website, where they can log in and venture to the mods section. From there, players can then adjust the filter to only show Xbox One results, and can begin selecting modifications. Clicking the "add to library" button will make the selected modifications available on their console copy of Skyrim: Special Edition, provided that gamers have also linked their Bethesda ID to a console ID. From there, it's all smooth sailing, and players can begin making it rain trains with custom shouts.


Xbox gamers will be happy to hear that there are many more mods available on Xbox One as compared to the PlayStation 4, a trend which has remained consistent as both platforms have slowly added modifications over the last few days. The Xbox One edition currently supports 94 modifications to the PS4's 25, although gamers won't be able to transfer saves from the regular edition of the game. Ironically, console gamers won't be able to use console commands, either.

For comparison, the Skyrim Steam Workshop is currently housing over 28,000 modifications, and there's no telling how many content creators will import their creations to the system for use on console. In any event, we expect a plethora of questionable bikini-clad armor designs and graphical changes to pour over to the Xbox One within the next few weeks, joining some of the high profile early-adopter modifications like Chesko's Frostfall modification.

Despite the massive controversy that modifications for Skyrim have introduced to the world over the last few years, one can never say that The Elder Scrolls hasn't always pushed the boundaries when it comes to modifications. Mods are still seen as an almost exclusively PC-based functionality, and the fact that Bethesda has introduced them on consoles for both Skyrim and Fallout 4 only means exciting things for the future.

Skyrim: Special Edition is set to launch on October 28, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: VG 24/7

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