Skyrim Special Edition Mod Space Bigger on Xbox One Than PS4


Bethesda Game Studios reveals that the console mod space for its forthcoming release of Skyrim Special Edition is bigger on Xbox One than PlayStation 4.

Thanks to a recent gameplay focused video for Skyrim Special Edition, all of the fantasy-RPG's fans can take comfort in knowing that the forthcoming title's graphics have been drastically improved as Bethesda has promised. That said, though, when it comes to enhancing the game on consoles by way of mods, it seems as if Skyrim Special Edition may offer Xbox One fans more benefits than those planning to pick up the title on PlayStation 4.

According to a recent blog post from Bethesda that details Skyrim Special Edition's contents, the developer divulged that the mod space on Xbox One is bigger than on PlayStation 4. As a matter of fact, the difference between the two platforms is quite sizable, as the role-playing game will allow a space of 5 GB for mods on Xbox One, while PS4 is relegated to 1 GB.

Although that is the case, there are lots of folks who believe that a single gigabyte ought to be more than enough room for Skyrim Special Edition's PlayStation 4 version, as it doesn't allow for the use of mods that utilize outside assets. Bearing this in mind, fans won't be able to incorporate such wackiness as Thomas the Tank Engine dragons, but they will be able to open up new avenues of gameplay with smaller materials by adding elements such as fresh quest-lines and dialogue choices.


Naturally, the 5 GB mod size limit for the Xbox One version of Skyrim Special Edition will offer players the ability to use a much wider variety of modifications, as Bethesda is letting players use external assets on the Microsoft console. The gulf of difference in mod space storage between Skyrim Special Edition on Xbox One and PS4 is reminiscent of Fallout 4's initial size limit estimated for Sony's system, as the former allows 2 GB, while the latter is currently capped at 900 MB.

While some PlayStation 4 fans might be wishing for the mod size limits for Skyrim Special Edition to increase on the console, they may need to be thankful that they're even getting the feature. After all, Bethesda struggled with Sony to implement the ability for players to use them on the system, with the studio just recently confirming PS4 mod support for the title.

Taking all of this into consideration, most fans will more than likely be content with the larger size limit for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One mods in Skyrim Special Edition than the caps put on the feature in Fallout 4. Of course, should gamers wish to go totally overboard with mods, Skyrim Special Edition's PC system requirements will essentially give fans the keys to the kingdom.

Skyrim Special Edition is set to release on October 28, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda

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