Skyrim Special Edition Gets a New Patch on PC, PS4


A new patch for Skyrim Special Edition is available for PC and PlayStation 4, which fixes a handful of issues in the game, including game-breaking crashes.

Skyrim Special Edition has only been available for a couple weeks, but has already received two updates from Bethesda. This is good news for owners of the game, since Skyrim Special Edition experienced a handful of issues, including some that were game breaking, at launch.

The first patch, 1.1, went live last week and provided a few small improvements and fixes that players were experiencing. The second patch 1.2, which went live today for PC and PlayStation 4, and will arrive for Xbox One later this week, continues those fixes within the game.

For the most part, Patch 1.2 for Skyrim Special Edition resolves issues players had with crashes and rendering in the game. A couple issue getting addressed with Patch 1.2 are the crashes that happened when players changed from werewolf form back to human form, and when players reloaded after changing the load order of the mods.

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Unfortunately, Patch 1.2 does not address the issues that cropped up with Patch 1.1. As sometimes happens in the course of fixing game issues, new problems arrived that were causing issues across all platforms. In fact, the problem was so rampant that many gamers were warning their fellow Skyrim Special Edition players not to download the 1.1 update. On a positive note, Bethesda is aware of the issues introduced with 1.1, and are currently investigating. There’s no word yet on when a fix will be available, but hopefully that information is coming soon.

It’s nice to know Bethesda is working hard and quickly to resolve the issues currently plaguing Skyrim Special Edition, especially considering the publisher also recently launched Dishonored 2. With these two highly anticipated titles going up against the likes of Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, and Final Fantasy XV during the holiday buying season, it’s in Bethesda’s best interest to correct any problems in its games as quickly as possible.

That said, Skyrim Special Edition has received strong reviews despite the launch issues. With many fans of the series coming back to the game, and many new gamers experiencing The Elder Scrolls for the first time, it’s good that Bethesda is taking care to provide a top-notch experience and wipe out any bugs and crashes that keep players from enjoying the game.


See the full list of fixes coming to Skyrim Special Edition with Patch 1.2 below:

  • General stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed issue related to using alt-tab while playing the game (PC)
  • Fixed issue with water flow not rendering properly
  • Fixed crash related to changing from werewolf back to human form
  • Fixed crash related to reloading after changing load order of mods
  • General bug fixing and improvements with browsing mods

What do you think about the fixes in Patch 1.2 for Skyrim Special Edition?

Skyrim Special Edition is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda

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