Skyrim: Special Edition Fan Puts 100 Dragons Against 1000 Archers


One truly dedicated fan of Skyrim: Special Edition creates an absolutely massive battle in Bethesda's fantasy-RPG by putting 100 dragons against 1000 archers.

With Skyrim: Special Edition having released over the weekend, it's safe to presume that plenty of fans of the remastered version for one of the top games of the last generation are either jumping back into the action for their umpteenth playthrough or are discovering it for the first time. Of course, with the graphically enhanced title offering even more sumptuous visuals, there are also players like the YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian who has decided to push the game to its absolute limits with user-made content, like with his most recent creation of a massive battle pitting 100 Dovah dragons against 1000 Imperial archers.

As seen in Cosmic Contrarian's lengthy video from Skyrim: Special Edition below, the army of Imperial archers at Fort Greymore are tasked with defending the stronghold against a swarm of Dovah dragons intent on taking the garrison apart piece by piece. Instead of ruining the outcome of the footage, though, it would be best for fans to watch it through until the very end in order to see which faction comes out on top.


For those unaware, this huge Skyrim: Special Edition skirmish is far from Cosmic Contrarian's first attempt at staging gigantic brawls within one of Bethesda's popular titles. As a matter of fact, the YouTuber has done countless videos involving warring armies in the studio's post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4. Interestingly enough, some of his most popular outings include modding in creatures from other games or pop culture franchises to operate as stand-ins for Bethesda's non-playable character models, such as his epic Star Wars battle featuring Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader.

Considering the large amount of content provided in Skyrim: Special Edition, as well as Cosmic Contrarian's sizeable track record for creating impressive battles, the video above showcasing the Dovah dragons against the Imperial archers won't be the YouTuber's last effort. As it happens, he's already begun work on the next showdown.


Should fans be blown away by Cosmic Contrarian's large scale conflict in Skyrim: Special Edition and wish to try their own hand at tinkering with the title's base elements and physics system to turn it into something completely new and different, they can do so thanks to mods. For instance, the incredibly popular Macho Man dragon mod injects the game with a wacky sensibility, turning the flying beasts into a mutated version of professional wrestler Randy Savage's in-ring persona.

Beyond mods and giant user-generated battles, though, Skyrim: Special Edition encountered some hang-ups upon its initial launch after fans noticed issues with the game's sound quality when compared with the original release. However, Bethesda has said it will fix the audio problems. So, as is the case with the majority of releases these days, players ought to expect even more patches and updates in the future so as to refine the title.

Skyrim: Special Edition is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Cosmic Contrarian — YouTube

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