Skyrim: 10 Secret Side Quests Everyone Missed

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If you realize you missed a side-quest in Skyrim, it probably is not that surprising. The game is huge in terms of not only the map, but also in story content. There are some quests that are quite easy to get while others are pretty hidden. This is greatly due to where the quests are located. Casual players do not typically explore the entire map of Skyrim. If you are hardcore, though, and have explored the whole map, then it is likely you were one of the few players who have completed these hidden quests. Some of these quests are not even marked but have a story and rewards.

Here are 10 hidden quests we have found in Skyrim.

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10 Frostflow Abyss

This quest is gained in the Frostflow Lighthouse, which is around the coast of Winterhold. You get the quest once you enter the center room of the lighthouse. The quest can get bugged if you enter the basement before the center room, so be careful of that. The quest is a little spooky and cool. You find the scene of a couple of grisly murders and your quest is to find out what happened.

The reward for completing this quest is unique, as it's an active effect called "Sailor's Repose" that gives healing spells a boost.

9 Liar's Retreat

8 Coming of Age

This quest comes with exploring a Nordic Tomb called "Ironbind Barrow." You encounter other adventurers, NPC's Salma and Beem-Ja and they explore the area with you. We will not give anything away but the story is pretty cool since it involves betrayal and treasure.

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The location is in a pretty remote area, which is why it counts as a hidden quest. It can be difficult for low-level players to get to the area since it is shrouded by frost trolls, wolves, dragons, and sabre cats. You can also get the "Become Ethereal" dragon shout at Ironbind Barrow.

7  Repentance

This quest begins upon entering Darklight Tower. You are approached by an NPC, Illia, who just killed a fellow witch. She was part of their coven but decided to rebel. Her mother, Silvia, is also part of the coven and she wants your help in getting to the top of the tower to stop her mom.

 Upon completion of the quest, you can get the mothers staff, "Staff of Hag's Wrath," which shares the effect of the spell "Wall of Flames."  Do be careful, as Illia can die during the quest. However, you can still complete the quest without her.

6 Composure, Speed, And Precision

This unmarked quest is received by Angi at Angi's Camp. Unlike most of the hidden quests, this one is less life-and-death or solving mysterious and more along the lines of doing some archery tests. There are four tests that Angi sets up for you and she gives you practice arrows. The first test is just about hitting three close targets, the second test is doing the same thing but within an eight second time limit, the third test is to hit the furthest target, and the last test is hitting all four targets in four seconds. The shout "Slow Time" is definitely advised for those having difficulty with time limits. Once completed, you get Angi's bow.

5 Forgotten Names

This quest is known as "hidden" since it never appears in your quest journal. You have to figure it out on your own, but it is not hard. You can discover an odd gauntlet in The Midden Dark. If you look around, you can find an incident report and a key.

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The report mentions rings that are missing and hidden around the Arcanaeum. You can find and collect these onto the mysterious gauntlet, which will summon a dremora, Velehk Sain. You get the choice whether to set the dremora free, which gets you a treasure map or to kill it, which will get you a daedra heart.

4 The Ghost Of Old Hroldan

This quest is easy to miss, as it is located at a remote inn along the shores of the Karth River. You are also required to sleep in Tiber Septim's room. If you do those things, you can meet Old Hroldan's ghost. The ghost mistakes you for someone else and wants you to bring back a sword to fulfill a promise. The location of the sword is random, but common areas the sword may be are Broken Tower Redoubt, Bruca's Leap Redoubt, Deepwood Redoubt, and Dragon Bridge Overlook just to name a few.

The reward for this quest is one-point bonuses to your one-handed and block skills.

3  Vulthuryol

This dragon is one of the more difficult to find. It resides within the underground city of Blackreach. However, the dragon is not just there and waiting for you, you need to summon it.

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To do this, you need to find a yellow orb which is above Blackreach's Debate Hall and Hall of Rumination. You have to use Unrelenting Force on the orb, which will react like a gong and echo throughout the city. It is only through doing that that Vulthuryol will make an appearance. Know that this dragon cannot be tamed by the "will bend" shout and it is best to tackle this dragon if you are past level 20.

2 The Ebony Warrior

This quest is only available to those with the Dragonborn DLC who have gotten their character to level 80. That is just the beginning though, as this is known as one of the harder fights of the entire game. The Ebony Warrior is an NPC that challenges you to a fight to the death. Despite him being such a tough enemy to defeat, he actually wants to lose so his soul can go to Sovngarde. Once you are at level 80, the quest is not so hidden. He will appear in any major city.

1 The Abandoned Prison

This abandoned, haunted, and half-flooded prison is not part of any marked quest-line. In fact, there is not much to do there. However, exploring and learning what happened to the prison is fun. You get to see ghosts and learn about what happened to them. There are books and notes left behind that are worth reading to discover the truth of what happened there.

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