Skyrim: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Romances

If you're looking for love and commitment in Skyrim, look no further. Once you've gained the Amulet of Mara, all you need to do is find a man or a woman after your heart and settle down with them. Even if you don't own a house, it's possible to be married to someone in Skyrim.

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There are about 65 different partners to choose from, which can make the task a bit overwhelming. However, there's something for just about everyone. We've prepared a handy little list of five of the best partners you can find and also five of the worst that you should probably not bother with.

10 Worst: Cosnach

Upon first glance you might think to yourself that Cosnach doesn't look half bad, but unfortunately he's kind of a waste of energy. Due to the lack of work available for him at the trading company, he spends most of his days getting drunk at the Silver-Blood Inn. Moreover, like most drunks out there, he'll spend his time getting into brawls, including with you if you challenge him to one. If you win, he'll join you as a companion. As a husband, however, he's kind of a useless guy.

9 Best: Lydia

Lydia is among the most popular wife candidates in Skyrim, and for a reason. She's strong, calm and loyal, which are all good qualities. Once you become Thane in Whiterun and receive the right to purchase property in the city, Jarl Balgruuf will assign Lydia as your Housecarl.

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This is part of the main quest line, which means no matter what she will always become your servant in the game. She's most commonly taken along as a follower in the beginning of the game, and eventually grows so close that marriage seems almost natural.

8 Worst: Viola Giordano

Unless you happen to be an elderly adventurer yourself or simply have a thing for older women, Viola isn't exactly the most appealing marriage candidate. She's much older than any of the other partners you can marry, making her frail and somewhat useless aside from the shop that she'll end up keeping. Not able to hold her own in combat, you won't be able to have Viola along for your adventures. The only good thing is that she has her morals straight and fights to find out who the mysterious murderer in Windhelm is.

7 Best: Farkas Or Vilkas

There are many marriage options within The Companions, but the two brothers Farkas and Vilkas seem the most appealing. Both are strong and reliable, but Vilkas is a bit more gentle and intelligent than Farkas, who's more simple-minded and straightforward.

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Whoever tickles your fancy, the process to marrying either brother is fairly simple. You'll have to join The Companions and finish the quest line before either one of them will be available as candidates.

6 Worst: Angrenor Once-Honored

A marriage partner should be someone we can rely on for support, both mentally, physically and at times financially. While you probably don't need a rich lord to survive, that still doesn't mean you should settle for a beggar like Angrenor.

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He'll be wandering around the Gray Quarter in Windhelm and will gladly share his tale from past battles in the ranks of the Stormcloaks. Despite this, he's quite a mean-spirited man towards the Dunmer of the city, which doesn't exactly make him the most charming gentleman.

5 Best: Jenassa

There aren't many truly evil and sinister characters that you can take along as your allies in Skyrim, which is why Jenassa deserves a special spot on this list. She adores killing and murder and is the one follower who will tolerate anything from thievery to killing innocents.

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If that's your mode of operation, she's definitely the best wife to go for. You can find her Whiterun at the Drunken Huntsman and hire her as a follower for 500 gold. After that she can be married normally and sent to a home.

4 Worst: Camilla Valerius

While Camilla is one of the best partners to marry due to her beauty and personality, she's also one of the worst for one reason in particular. When you arrive to Riverwood for the first time, you'll most likely overhear that two men, Sven and Faendal, are fighting over Camilla's love and attention. This affair becomes a small quest in which you can choose who Camilla should favor. Alternatively you could marry Camilla yourself after helping her brother Lucan retrieve the golden claw, but know that she will be visited by Faendal regularly, which is a huge annoyance in itself.

3 Best: Argis The Bulwark

If there's one man that represents in male form what Lydia represents in female form, it's surely Argis. He's good-looking, loyal and incredibly strong. He'll become your Housecarl in Markarth after you've become Thane and purchased Vlindrel Hall in the city.

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What makes it hard to get him as Housecarl is completing five quests in the city for its citizens and the ones found in Markarth aren't exactly the easiest ones. However, once you've become Thane you'll have this hulk of a man's protection at all times and can even marry him.

2 Worst: Sorex Vinius

When it comes to the absolute worst of the worst and most unreliable partners in the game, Sorex immediately makes the top of the list. Not only does he support Roggvir's execution in Solitude simply because he was bullied by Roggvir in his youth, but he's also a bit of selfish whiner. He'll voice his distaste if the house you move him in isn't big enough and will subtly complain if he's asked to cook food. Not to mention, he'll continue flirting and buying free drinks to women at the Winking Skeever, even after marriage. He's a total pass and not worth your efforts.

1 Best: Aela The Huntress

There's no doubt at all that Aela is the perfect partner to marry, whether you're male or female. She's not only incredibly strong, resourceful and has a compelling background story, but she can also be sweet and loving, guaranteed to have full loyalty to you. She's a great pick if you'd rather have your partner adventure out with you and not worry about her dying. As an essential character Aela is immortal and will never pass away, and will greatly compliment any swordsmen or women with her bow skills. In addition to that she tolerates almost any kind of behavior from murdering to stealing, and even trespassing. What's there not to love in her?

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