Skyrim: Which Race Should You Pick Based On Your D&D Moral Alignment?

For those seeking to roleplay a character in Skyrim the race you pick is an important decision. Who you choose will define your skills, natural abilities, and general nature. Each race has their own moral compass that can lead them to great evil or great good depending on how they’re culture and beliefs are implemented.

To get you thinking about which Skyrim race to choose for your next playthrough here are all ten races and where they line up on the D&D moral alignment chart.

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10 Breton – Neutral Good/Neutral Evil

Breton society is a collection of numerous fiefdoms with each family or clan seeking to obtain power in various ways. As a result Bretons are generally productive citizens who seek to climb to the top of these political ladders and obtain power for themselves, motivating them to go out and quest to obtain glory, money, and fame.

This makes them Neutral Good or Neutral Evil. Laws and rules are whatever they or their fiefdom define it as. Neutral Good Bretons seek to do good and help others via quests while Neutral Evil Bretons are in it for the gold and could care less how they hurt along the way.

9 Imperial – Lawful Good/Lawful Evil

Imperials are empire builders constantly seeking to expand their power and influence through trade and conquest. Their laws and customs have been embraced or enforced upon many other nations and they are widely considered the rulers of the world thanks to a strong economy.

Because of this Imperials can be Lawful Good or Lawful Evil. Lawfully Good Imperials make excellent crusader-types who seek to eradicate evil and make the world safer through law and order. Lawfully Evil Imperials are dominators who eradicate all who oppose them, enforce their will on others, and rule with an iron fist.

8 Nord – Lawful Neutral/ Neutral Evil

Nords are adventurers without many goals to conquer or rule. They’re content to live in the cold north and occasionally foray into the wider world seeking glory and wealth. They are deeply religious with many traditions to uphold and are often at odds with outsiders they tolerate living within their lands.

This makes them either Lawful Neutral or Neutral Evil types. Lawfully Neutral Nords follow their traditions with little regard to whether it’s morally good or evil. Neutral Evil Nords are often involved in cults and secret societies and many earn a living as effective mercenaries for other armies or as bandits.

7 Redguard – Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral

Regards are fierce in spirit and talented warriors. Though their society has rules and codes of conduct, as long as they don’t bring harm to others they’re relatively free to do as they wish. They are often nomadic finding their way in the world by taking on with armies, navies, and roaming bands of mercenaries.

Redguards are the epitome of Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral. Chaotic Good Redguards are rebels who help overthrow tyrannical rulers and hunt down dark magic users. Chaotic Neutral Redguards are free in spirit to a fault and many become brutal anarchists who seek to overthrow all form of law or authority, even objectively good ones.

6 Altmer – True Neutral/Chaotic Evil

Altmer are an old and incredibly intelligent race of elves. Given their long lifespans they see themselves as superior to other races and have little need for outside cultures or laws. Because of their long lifespans they have strong traditions that are slow to change.

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Altmer are likely to be True Neutral or Chaotic Evil. A True Neutral Altmer is one that keeps to themselves and works on their arcane abilities, so long as they’re free to do as they please they won’t cause problems. Chaotic Evil Altmer see the world full of corrupt and inferior beings and will use genocide, eugenics, and slavery to purify it.

5 Bosmer – Chaotic Good/Neutral Evil

Bosmer are considered the more peaceful race in all of Tamriel. They have never initiated a war but have defended their homelands against many invaders. They live in harmony with their environments and worship older gods of nature.

This makes them Chaotic Good or Neutral Evil. Chaotic Good Bosmer will help others who enter their words, but have no room for the laws and infringement of other nations. A Neutral Evil Bosmer is an excellent thief and assassin who kills not out of an innate blood lust, but to more easily get the gold from the victim’s pockets.

4 Dunmer – Lawful Neutral/ Lawful Evil

Dunmer are a grim race that are either frequently at war or committing assassinations in peace time. They live by their own law and Dunmer are often part of the black market as either sellers or buyers. There are strict laws and traditions that dictate Dunmer society with the interpretations debated over by the large Houses.

This easily makes them fall in the Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil categories. Lawful Neutral Dunmer follow and obey the law even if it is perceived as savage or morally wrong by other races. Lawful Evil Dunmer are ones that impose their will on others while following a strict code of conduct, much like the assassin's guild the Morag Tong.

3 Orc – Neutral Good/Chaotic Evil

Orcs are a tribal society that seek power through strength of arms. They see themselves at outcasts from the rest of the world and this can often put them at odds with other races who frown upon their old traditions like polygamy and a strict hierarchy.

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This warlike society puts them firmly in Neutral Good or Chaotic Evil. A Neutral Good orc is one who benefits allies but is content to let the rest of the world burn if their world is at peace. Chaotic Evil Orcs are ones who revel in bloodshed and inflicting chaos to prove their strength.

2 Argonian – Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil

Argonians are a more primitive race with ways that are strange when compared to others. They function as tribes but have a camaraderie and respect for all Argonians and are quick to forgive inner strife and struggles.

The closest moral alignment for Argonians would be Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil. Chaotic Neutral Argonians are content to live in peace in their swamps surrounding their Hist trees. Lawful Evil Argonians are often worshippers of Sithis and these Shadowscales make for devoted Dark Brotherhood assassins.

1 Khajiit – Chaotic Neutral/Neutral Evil

Khajiit are another primitive race that keep to their jungle lands and avoid the rest of the world. As long as the Moon Sugar keeps flowing they live in peace. When they do venture out they are often Moon Sugar smugglers and sometimes sailors.

These practices put them in line with Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Evil. Chaotic Neutral Khajiit follow their own laws and obey the will of their Clan Mother out of respect rather than loyalty. Neutral Evil Khajiit are effective smugglers and work in the black market, often trading in their own kind for a quick coin.

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