Skyrim: Which Race Should You Pick Based On Your MBTI®?

Deciding which race to be can be a hard decision in Skyrim when it comes to creating a character. The race you pick will determine your starting attributes, skills, and can make social interactions harder or easier. For those who like to roleplay the decision of which race to pick becomes even harder thanks to complicated lore.

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To assist in your decision on which race to be you should consider choosing based on which personality type matches closest with yours. Here are all ten races of Skyrim and which of the Myers-Briggs® Types they line up with.

10 Altmer (High Elf) – INTJ

Altmers are considered the most intelligent race in all of Tamriel and they know it. Their snobbish attitude is off-putting to many, but they are capable mages and have influenced the culture of all races with their ideas and designs in arts, laws, and the sciences.

INTJs will fit into this archetype well as Altmers are constantly obsessed with improving the way things work and bettering themselves. Intelligence and natural talent make for few friends and Altmers, like INTJs, prefer solitude to pursue their work and plan for future obstacles.

9 Argonian – INFP

Argonians keep to themselves in the swamplands and much of their culture and laws are unknown or misunderstood by outsiders. As a result, they are content to spend their days alone in the depths of mysterious swamps.

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This race is great for INFPs who are drawn to the mysterious places of the world and seek to explore them. Argonians may not be the most notable of warriors, but their ability to survive hostile environments and conduct guerrilla warfare make them solo explorers. If you’re the kind of person that likes diving headfirst into caves or strange dimensions then Argonians might be for you.

8 Bosmer (Wood Elf) – ISFJ

The Bosmer live in harmony with their surroundings in the forests. They utilize speed and agility to navigate their environment and prefer to attack opponents from afar in secret. They’re also capable of convincing animals to aide them in battle.

ISFJs will prefer this race that’s harmonious with their surroundings and various animal life. It’s a less confrontational race that can be used to avoid combat but can make for powerful archers and thieves when necessary. If you want a more peaceful race, one that’s in-tune with nature, or just really liked the movie Avatar then Bosmer is the one you should pick.

7 Breton – ENTP

Bretons are a powerful race that prides themselves on a unique culture and a mastery of the arcane arts. They enjoy intellectual discussions and pursuits and can grasp both logical and abstract concepts very well.

Bretons are great for ENTPs who want a race that’s intelligent and capable, but prefers thinking outside the box now and then. Developing their innate arcane powers requires attention to detail and objective planning that suits ENTPs quite well. If you want a strong magical race that’s very academic and knowledgeable then Bretons are for you.

6 Dunmer (Dark Elf) –ENFP

The Dunmer are the outcasts of the Elven races. They’re adaptable and make for strong warrior and spellcaster hybrids. Their culture is dark, proud, and clannish that causes them to distrust others including their own people.

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ENFPs will like playing as this unusual race that refuses to be placed into a box. Because Dunmers are equally capable warriors, archers, and mages this allows for interesting class combinations that ENFPs will enjoy exploring and utilizing. The Dunmer are for those who want to try everything Skyrim has to offer and blaze their own path.

5 Imperial – ENFJ

The Imperials are excellent orators and traders, their gift for negotiating has led them to expand their empire dramatically and subjugate or ally themselves with the other races they encounter. Their combat prowess is impressive, but it’s in closed-door meetings where they thrive.

These are attributes that will strike a chord with ENFJs. Their gifted social skills, charismatic nature, and ability to be on good terms with most of the other races makes them equipped to make friends and earn more per sale than the other races. If haggling, socializing, and persuading is your bread and butter than Imperials will be your pick.

4 Khajiit – ISFP

Khajiit’s are an interesting race of people from the mysterious lands of Elsweyr. They’re crafty individuals with a knack for getting into places they’re not wanted and walking away unseen. They have a society that mixes modern beliefs and paganism which often leads to rampant superstition and strong convictions.

ISFPs will find themselves drawn to Khajiits thanks to their loner ways while maintaining strong connections to other Khajiits. Khajiits do not sit still well and prefer to be out exploring, tackling bizarre quests and scoring some sweet, sweet Moon Sugar. If you like colorful characters and gifted acrobats, then Khajiits should be strongly considered.

3 Nord – ENTJ

Nords are conquerors and have little preference whether the conquering takes place with an ax or with a quill stroke at the harbor where goods are bought and sold. They have a strong connection to their homeland Skyrim, but are avid adventurers who often take to the high seas to make names for themselves and slake their wanderlust.

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Nords will call out to ENTJs who prefer accomplishment and growth by means of tough challenges. It’s a hard race that is suited for exploring other dimensions, scaling mountains, and diving into the deepest tombs. If you are an adventurer at heart then consider the Nord.

2 Orc (Orsimer) – ISTP

The outcasts of all races the Orcs are a proud race with ferocious warriors. Interestingly they also make the best craftsman constructing some of the best armor and weaponry found in all of Tamriel. Their society is often rough and can be cruel, but these trials serve as fires to forge strong citizens.

ISTPs can find a camaraderie with the Orc. Their fine crafting skills and simplistic fighting abilities makes them straight forward and capable of being unpredictable to those they meet. If you want a strong race that can produce the best armor and wear it proudly in battle then choose the Orc.

1 Redguard – ESTP

Redguards are considered the best warriors in the game and for good reason, they’re strong, fast, and capable of withstanding mighty blows. They are skilled in wielding many weapons and donning many different types of armor. They don’t mess around with abstract arcane spells or subtle thievery, they prefer to meet their foes in fair combat.

They are a good race for ESTPs who want someone strong and independent. Redguards prefer to do and act rather than debate what the best course of action might be. If you want straightforward mercenaries who fix their mistakes as they go then the Redguard might be for you.

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