Dev Build for Skyrim-Morrowind Mod ‘Skywind’ Launching Soon

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While we could argue for days about which game series has the most dedicated modding community there’s no question that The Elder Scrolls deserves to be a part of the conversation. From the amazing Macho Man mod for Skyrim to the “Better Bodies” mod for Morrowind, modders have been improving, tweaking, and adding some extra flavor to Bethesda‘s open world games for more than a decade.

One of the biggest efforts among The Elder Scrolls community is a mod called ‘Skywind‘ that seeks to recreate the world of Morrowind within the Skyrim engine. However, whereas many of the previously mentioned mods have been small undertakings, Skywind is a huge effort.

As the above trailer shows, the Skywind project is coming along nicely, but there’s still a ton of work yet to be done. However, this video shows that a lot of the world building — the recreating of the various iconic locales like West Gash and Solstheim — is almost there.

The mod is not yet available for public consumption, but an alpha preview for developers should be rolling out sometime soon. As far as what a public developer release is, the Skywind team is not ready to say, but again details should arrive soon.

Skywind Alpha Release Soon

For those who might not be familiar with Skywind, or its little brother Skyblivion, the mod is an attempt by the community to recreate everything from Morrowind within the Skyrim engine. That means the Skywind team has to “remake” all the locales, quests, NPCs, and even voice work.

Unfortunately, the trailer only shows but a small slice of the Skywind experience, but gamers who are interested in following the project more closely can visit the modding site here.

When it comes to The Elder Scrolls franchise, every gamer has their favorite entry. Obviously, Skyrim has the largest reach thanks to a massive marketing plan, but many hold previous entries like Oblivion and Morrowind in higher standing. So, for those gamers who still enjoy the older games but like the new features that Skyrim has added into the mix — most obviously an improved graphics engine — then this a project to follow very closely.

What do you think of the Skywind mod’s progress? What element are you most eager to see recreated in the Skyrim engine?

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