Skyrim Monopoly Coming Early Next Year


Merchoid reveals the release of a Skyrim-themed Monopoly board, with board game fans set to be able to wheel and deal around the Tamriel region once it launches in March 2017.

Although most of the gameplay in Skyrim is based around epic fantasy adventures and quest completion, by the end of the game many players will have picked up a fair amount of real estate. Indeed, the Hearthfire DLC pack even made building creation a major part of the game, focusing on the Dragonborn's need for a cosy home. However, those after a more aggressive move into property development will soon have their wish granted, courtesy of Skyrim Monopoly.

The news of this Skyrim-themed Monopoly board comes courtesy of Merchoid, who has created the board in question. The rules and structure of Skyrim Monopoly will fit with the board game that everyone knows, but with a few Elder Scrolls-style changes. Quite simply, the board game will include locations and characters from Skyrim and put them into a Monopoly setting.

"Whether your plans are to set up villages in Riverwood, build up towns Winterhold or construct huge castles in Windhelm, get ready to unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit as you lay claim to some of the most valuable plots in Tamriel," said Merchoid community manager Jessica Adams. "You’ll soon be shouting 'Fus Ro Deal!' as you bargain your way to success." With the board's official description hinting that dragons may prove to be a hindrance, however, it seems as though it won't quite be as straightforward as that.


The Elder Scrolls-themed Monopoly board is currently set to release in March 2017, although it is available to pre-order right now. Those interested in picking up Skyrim Monopoly will be looking at a cost of £34.99, €49.99, or $49.99, depending on location. Unfortunately, there's no confirmation yet as to whether you can give the board a horrifying Macho Man Randy Savage makeover.

This is far from the only video game to receive the Monopoly treatment. Final Fantasy 7 Monopoly is also going to be released next year, while Merchoid released boards based on the likes of Street Fighter and Assassin's Creed too. The company also created a Fallout-themed board, although a special shout out is still required for the fan-made Fallout: New Vegas Monopoly set.

Although the game was originally released back in 2011, Skyrim has been bouncing back tremendously as of late. The title is due to receive a remastered special edition release, while the game also featured heavily in the trailer for the Nintendo Switch - albeit with a disclaimer from Bethesda that Skyrim is not officially confirmed for the Switch. In the meantime, there's still plenty of time to dust off that old copy to get back into the mood for Skyrim - be it in its video game or board game variety.

Source: Merchoid

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