GR Pick: Is This The Greatest 'Skyrim' Mod Ever?

Skyrim Mod Thomas Tank Engine


The mod scene comes in many different forms these days, with gamers' creativity growing and the power of the home PC inching forward right along with it. Now those games that do support mods, like Just Cause 2 for example, have become not just more popular, they've become completely new platforms.

However, while most mods are meant to improve or enrich the experience of a game, some are created simply for a laugh. Case in point: this Thomas the Tank Engine mod for Skyrim.

Although the mod itself is fairly simply, replacing the dragon model in the game with that of Thomas the Tank Engine, the effect is rather hilarious. Watching as the citizens flee for their lives whileThomas devastates their town is pure joy. Well, that or one truly horrific version of a childhood staple.

Skyrim Mod Thomas Tank Engine

Whatever the case, the mod for Skyrim gets the job done, even though it is a bit inconsistent. The train horn, for example, is perfect, but the breathing fire needs work. But that's what mods are all about, trying something out on a goof and then discovering that it actually, kind of, works.

Those Skyrim players who want to download the mod, called "Really Useful Dragons", can head here. There you can find out more about what inspired the mod, and also some additional details. For example, the brief clip only features Thomas, but there are apparently more Tank Engine trains in the game. Basically, anywhere players find "vanilla dragons," they should encounter a Tank Engine character instead.

Similarly, the magic usage by the dragons (now trains) has been changed to better suit the situation. What exactly that means is unclear, but it's sure to elicit some laughter.

What do you think of this Thomas the Tank Engine mod? Is it one of the best Skyrim mods you've seen?


Source: Nexus Mods

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