'Skyrim' Players Build Memorial Mod for Deceased Player

Skyrim Mod Memorial Shrine to fallen player

These Skyrim mods are created to enhance the player experience with higher texture graphics, increased number of quests and some even modify the character models to replace dragons with cartoon characters. The effects are always inserted to build upon the base game, with sometimes unintentional results, or as a form of expression from the community.

One such gesture that released recently is a Skyrim mod meant to honor a deceased player and fan of the game. Modders were moved by user lastrogu3’s story of how he would boot up the Xbox 360 to see the last place his brother, Taylor, was in the world of Skyrim with his character Bear:

“I just sit there looking at the last thing he saw in the game. I never move his character, save, or do anything since it wouldn't be his character anymore. He is frozen in time just like my young brother was."

The Skyrim mod places a shrine in the location where the dark elf Bear last explored, in honor of Taylor. Anyone who installs the Skyrim mod can interact with the shrine to pay their respects to Taylor. Before the mod released, lastrogu3 said some players would leave flowers in this spot to pay their respects.

The gaming community has previously paid their respects to fallen players, such as when the Final Fantasy XIV community held a vigil across multiple servers for one of their own who was diagnosed terminally ill. Take a look at that memorial below:

Final Fantasy 14 Big Vigil

Then, when avid gamer and famed comedian Robin Williams died fans circulated a petition to honor his memory within World of Warcraft, a game which Williams jokingly admitted he was addicted to. Blizzard supported the community’s decision to remember Williams and included a tribute to immortalize a member of their community.

A more recent tribute was released in honor of Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, who passed away not that long ago. Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios included a memorial for the actor who played Spock within their game that shares Spock’s signature message to “live long and prosper.”

Our deepest condolences go out to the friends and family of Taylor and thank you to the Skyrim modders who helped share a brother’s love with the entire gaming community.

What video game tributes have you attended? What is your favorite example of the community coming together?

Source: IGN

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